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I'm really surprised Under The Bridge is still here - I didn't know it was that loved.​


All Saints - Under The Bridge
Date it reached #1: 09/05/1998
Weeks at #1: 2
Average: 7.938
Total points: 269.9

Max: 10.0 x 4 (@Daniel_O @londonrain @Mike @Phonetics Girl), 9.6 (@Holly Something)
Min: 3.0 (@daninternational), 5.0 (@Million_Lights)

As we've seen 11 eliminations ago, Under The Bridge was released as a double A-Side with Lady Marmalade as the third single of All Saints' debut album. You've spoken and this is the stronger side of the double A!

It's a rework of the Red Hot Chili Pepper's original, from 1992. Mainly the chorus was kept, with some notable changes in the verses and an addition of a rap by Shaznay Lewis as a middle 8.

Anthony Kiedis, Red Hot's vocalist, didn't hide his dislike for the All Saints' version, saying that "they looked so pretty and clean, it looked like they didn't know what they were singing about" and that the changes in the lyrics made the song lose its significance.

Well, I guess Red Hot and All Saints don't exactly have the same public, so both sides won?

After the elimination of Lady Marmalade I've been researching some theories that both videos are like part 1 and part 2 of some sorts. Because they were filmed in the same day and in the same house. I mean, I wonder what happened at the Lady Marmalade party for the house to have a freaking hole and be falling apart in Under the Bridge.

Comment all the way:

@daninternational - 3.0
All Saints: Do the don't cover iconic songs challenge.

@WowWowWowWow - 7.0
Nellee Hooper is life. Otherwise this is kinda pointless.

Mama Hazey - 7.0
I knew the guitar strums right off, which never happens. They did a good job with the chorus, but overall I think I enjoy the original more. This is too choppy, as I think they tried to make too much of their own.

@berserkboi - 7.5
Don’t love or return to this much (whether original or this take).

@DJHazey - 8.0
The concept of a girl group covering an alternative classic, but from a band I don’t care about should be far more thrilling, however this enjoyable only up to a point and never surpasses it.

@Maki - 8.8
Quite an imaginative cover, I really like it.

@Ezz - 9.5
One of the coolest cover versions / reimaginings.

@Holly Something - 9.6
Probably my favourite All Saints song after Black Coffee. It's just so cool.

When I saw the thread title, I was almost sure this was going to be "Tragedy" so that's a bit of a surprising elimination. But unfortunately I'm not surprised that All Saints' worst song in this rate ended up as their highest ranked one. This forum loves not making sense sometimes.

And it must be some type of Mandela effect but after listening to the RHCP version of "Under the Bridge", I thought it would be much more heavy and rockier. Have I even heard the original before? ff
Anyway, the girls definitely improved the song, bringing a really cool R&B vibe to it which flows very well. Should've done better.
Is it...

...too much?


Spice Girls - Too Much
Date it reached #1: 27/12/1997
Weeks at #1: 2
Average: 7.994
Total points: 271.8

Max: 10.0 x 7 (@Holly Something @Conan @m_dimitrov @soratami @Robert @Remorque @berserkboi), 9.8 (@saviodxl)
Min: 1.0 (@daninternational), 4.5 (@Phonetics Girl)

Too Much was the second single of Spice Girls second studio album SpiceWorld. It was written mainly by Geri Halliwell inspired by a T-shirt that said "What part of no don't you understand?", that would be the middle 8, sang by Melanie C.

Producer Paul Wilson about the song: "Geri came in and sang: 'Too much of something/Da-da-da-da-da...Right. OK. You got that?' We started working on it and we wanted to do some sort of doo-wop vocal thing. So we constructed this backing track and gradually they started to add on their little bits.".

This marked the Spice Girls' second out of three successive #1 British Christmas singles. They became the first female act to have their first six singles all reach #1 in the UK. Additionally, it positioned them as the sole female group to hold the record for the most consecutive #1 singles in the UK. In the US Too Much peaked at #9.

In the SpiceWorld The Movie, Too Much serve as an opening track, and we see them performing it at the Top Of The Pops.

The original music video features scenes from the movie, although later they'd release another version without scenes from SpiceWorld. It was the first video where they don't appear together, each one of them living a movie fantasy in a separate scenario.

CD singles included B-Sides Outer Space Girls and Walk Of Life, the latter used in the Sabrina The Teenage Witch series.

Too much of comments is bad enough:

@daninternational - 1.0
What a miserable end to the excellent Spice Girls ballad singles run.
You're considering Mama excellent tho?

@DJHazey - 6.0
This is has always been a bit of a slog to get through, I’m sorry I know I’m cruel!

@Maki - 7.8
I'm really liking the sensual, almost jazzy R&B vibe but I'm looking at some of their album tracks which are superior when it comes to such style.

@WowWowWowWow - 8.0
Does not match the promise of its title, which I think is maybe why it has my joint-lowest Spice score - because many of their other songs are far too much, and that is a magical thing. I feel like this could've been given to any other girl group and it would have been the same exact thing.
It would't become a UK Xmas #1 with another group, no no.

Mama Hazey - 8.5
Awfully slow-moving. It’s nothing special, with the video portraying old films more engaging.

@berserkboi - 10.0
A ballad!!

@Holly Something - 10.0
Gorgeous and underrated!

and another Too Much just in case

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