UK Ladies #1s of the 90s Rate | We have a winner!

Wannabe was a fucking moment in every sense of the word. It literally started a female revolution in pop music, which at the time was much needed, proven by this rate, going from the amount of number ones prior to it, and therefore it rightly earned its place in pop culture and our general consciousness.

I won't complain about it leaving at #11, because everything left is a 10.

But still... A MOMENT.

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The most 11s so far falls



Shakespears Sister - Stay
Date it reached #1: 25/01/1992
Weeks at #1: 8
Average: 8.291
Total points: 281.9

Max: 11.0 x 5 (@berserkboi @TéléDex @Verandi @Epic Chocolat @Ezz), 10.0 x 8 (@Remorque @Conan @bubblegum Boy @klow @londonrain @Phonetics Girl @Miles Angel @daninternational)
Min: 4.0 x 3 (@WhatKindOfKylie? @DJHazey @Mvnl), 5.5 x 2 (@Ana Raquel @Daniel_O)

Siobhan Fahey left Bananarama in 1988, soon after marrying Dave Stewart of Eurythmics. It was him that suggested she continued with music with a project called Shakespears Sister, that it was going to be solo at first, but then included Marcella Detroit. Although Marcella had released solo albums, she was best known for her work as Eric Clapton's backing vocal (using the alias Marcy Levy) and for co-writing one of his biggest hits Lay Down Sally.

Stay became the duo's second single of sophomore album Hormonally Yours, which gained its name named because the two singers were pregnant during the recording sessions.

That's for the fans of "intelligent pop": Stay draws unexpected inspiration from a 1953 science fiction film titled Cat-Women Of The Moon, in which an astronaut develops feelings for one of these cat women but has to leave her to return to Earth. It was co-written by Fahey's husband.

In the video, Marcella is depicted aboard a spaceship, tending to a dying man. Siobhan Fahey portrays the Angel of Death, arriving to escort him away. Rumors circulated that Fahey spent 12 hours waiting on set before her scene, passing the time by consuming vodka, which affected her balance. Fahey refuted this, saying that she was playing a character: "I play a sort of camp, drunken, guzzling sort of... thing". Drunk Siobhan or not, at the BRIT Awards 1993 it scored the Best Video award.

During the promotional tour for the album, tensions arose between the members. At the 1993 Ivor Novello Awards, where Hormonally Yours secured the Best Contemporary Collection of Songs award, Marcella Detroit was caught off guard when Siobhan Fahey's publicist announced the dissolution of the group with a statement: "I wish Marcy all the best for the future, all's well that end's well."

Following the split, Fahey continued with Shakespears Sister as a solo project until 1996, later reviving the name in 2009. For 26 years, Fahey and Detroit didn't talk, but in 2019 they reconciled and embarked on a commemorative tour together, coinciding with the release of EP Ride Again.

Stay with me in the silence of your room in the darkness of your comments:

@DJHazey - 4.0
I remember this from the Women of the 90s rate. I certainly didn't vote it in. I know some will come for me, but this as boring as it gets. Sorry!

@Ana Raquel - 5.5
The end is good, I guess?

Mama Hazey - 7.0
Funny how the demon spirit is licking her lips like a vampire. At least the song is interesting and has meaning to it.

@WowWowWowWow - 8.0
If not for this song, we would not have Cher Lloyd, and if not for Cher Lloyd, we would never have DISGUSTENG! So thank you Shakespears Sister.
I'm mesmerized with this chain of events!

@Maki - 8.8
Epic middle-8 switch-up but the ballad parts could've been stronger.

@BubblegumBoy - 10.0
Always a classic!

@berserkboi - 11.0
A masterpiece that keeps getting done wrong in rates!

@TéléDex - 11.0
It has to be this one. It cannot be runner up or mid, even though it probably will be. From the lyrics to the pub piano to the high notes, it's so powerful.

@daninternational - 10.0
Epic, memorable and totally unique. Insert French & Saunders parody here.

@Ezz - 11.0
Siobhan's vodka swigging influence on the video will forever be the moment in pop.

By popular demand

By popular demand again

And one solo Marcella because she was done dirt
It's weird as I knew so many girls in my school 'became fans' on the basis of this and were shocked that none of their other stuff really sounded anything like it.

Massively overplayed (those 8 weeks at #1 - I think even they were bored of it) and ultimately I prefer I Don't Care and Hello, but it's an undeniable classique.
Well, that was my No. 1! Sigh.

So because I dropped in and out of this rate and it wasn't until No. 10 was revealed, I reveal to you my Top 9. Spices here there everywhere.

Gina G - Ooh Ahh... Just a Little Bit
Spice Girls - Viva Forever
Spice Girls - 2 Become 1: I cannot believe these two in bold are here. It's a decent compromise for how low Mama is.

Spice Girls - Say You'll Be There
Spice Girls - Goodbye: A little poorer than all the other Spice ballads, but it's good.

These are not gonna have me mentioned, except for one of these. All 8.7!

Steps - Tragedy
Spice Girls - Who Do You Think You Are
Spice Girls - Spice Up Your Life

No!!! One 7! It's even worse than the 00s No. 11s rate's Top 10.

Geri Halliwell - Mi Chico Latino
"Stay" is excellent and deserved top 5 out of what's left. This rate is likely the first time I've heard the song in full and it proved to be a great (re)discovery. That middle-8 is such a moment, though I still think the ballad parts are just a little bit on the AC radio side for me to enjoy it more. But it already grew on me since rating, it's at least a 9 these days. Nice to see it get all those perfect scores too.

Shame people consider "Goodbye" a better ballad than it.
Stay is such a fantastic song. Marcella sells it with every fibre of her being, with Siobhan storming in, delivering one of the most bonkers intermezzo's in pop history. Pair that with those heavenly backing vocals where Siobhan harmonizes with herself and, well... A winner.

The video was something we hadn't yet seen at the time too. Brilliant concept.

I enjoy Stay but it just couldn't stack up for me against all those other classics.
I only have 10s and a 9 left.
I have a vague idea of how the rest of the top 10 is going to go but let's see.
For the fun of it, here are my predictions
Not necessarily my personal taste
9. Goodbye
8. Tragedy
7. Mi Chico Latino
6. 2 Become 1
5. Spice Up Your Life
4. Who Do You Think You Are
3. Say You'll Be There
2. Ooh Aah... Just A Little Bit
1. Viva Forever


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One of my lowest scores remaining is absolutely being carried by an avalanche of 10s and 11s.

The top 10 is less varied than I’d like but it’s not the Spice Girls’ fault they were so popular. And if any of the members of B*Witched had been from Northern Ireland we’d have had their songs to contend with too dddd.
One of my lowest scores remaining is absolutely being carried by an avalanche of 10s and 11s.

The top 10 is less varied than I’d like but it’s not the Spice Girls’ fault they were so popular. And if any of the members of B*Witched had been from Northern Ireland we’d have had their songs to contend with too dddd.

Do you really think B*******d would have made the top 10 though?