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Steps - Tragedy
Date it reached #1: 21/11/1998
Weeks at #1: 1
Average: 8.444
Total points: 287.1

Max: 11.0 (@2014), 10.0 x 9 (@Miles Angel @WowWowWowWow @soratami
Mama Hazey @m_dimitrov @bubblegum Boy @Dynamo @DJHazey @daninternational)
Min: 1.0 (@Verandi), 4.0 (@Holly Something)

The strong side of the double A Heartbeat/Tragedy falls, 17 eliminations later.

Originally recorded by the Bee Gees in 1979, the Steps version became their fourth single and first (out of two) #1s. It outsold all of their three previous singles combined, becoming the group's first and only million seller. It remains their biggest selling single to date.

It was originally included in the Bee Gees tribute album Gotta Get a Message to You and afterwards included in Steps' second studio album Spectacular.

The music video starts with the ringing of an alarm clock and depicts Faye, Claire, and Lisa exchanging vows and getting married. Then Lee and H disrupt all three ceremonies before everyone transitions to a disco scene. Relatives of all five Steps' members appear in the video, and the it's the actual fathers of the girls that walk them down the aisle. Pete Waterman appears as the DJ of the wedding party.

Steps were always famous for their armographies, but even not being a superfan I can tell that Tragedy has THE Steps dance move.

When the comment's gone and you can't go on it's tragedy:

@Holly Something - 4.0
I love Steps but I have never been a fan of this song.

@Ezz - 8.2
Steve Anderson’s reworking of this for the Party on the Dancefloor tour boosted this from me slightly resenting it as their signature track. Still one of their weakest singles for me though.

@Maki - 8.5
A catchy bop and a good cover.

@berserkboi - 9.0
The better of the two versions but I always wanted The Tamperer Feat Maya when the first notes started fff

@DJHazey - 10.0
One of the best covers of all-time. It’s so seamless, like the song was literally written with them in mind (or ABBA).

Mama Hazey - 10.0
The beat is beyond good. Let me join in with them on the dancefloor at the end of the video. You can learn the steps, haha. I love the power of their voices and the atmosphere. This was also a very strong contender for my 11. (Probably her #2)

@WowWowWowWow - 10.0
Those Gibb boys sure knew what they were doing.

@daninternational - 10.0
The definitive version, and a music video classic.

Now it's Gina, solo Geri and Spice Girls left...​
"Tragedy" really bops and it's not the weakest song left but it did well. The cover is definitely giving ABBA-esqye vibes Steps' sound seems to be revolving around.

Gina G has to exit next, easily the weakest link since we reached the top 10.
I enjoy Stay but it just couldn't stack up for me against all those other classics.
I only have 10s and a 9 left.
I have a vague idea of how the rest of the top 10 is going to go but let's see.
For the fun of it, here are my predictions
Not necessarily my personal taste
9. Goodbye
8. Tragedy
7. Mi Chico Latino
6. 2 Become 1
5. Spice Up Your Life
4. Who Do You Think You Are
3. Say You'll Be There
2. Ooh Aah... Just A Little Bit
1. Viva Forever
I got the first two correct, I hope I continue my streak.
Time for me to revisit a childhood trauma

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Spice Girls - Goodbye
Date it reached #1: 26/12/1998
Weeks at #1: 2
Average: 8.368
Total points: 284.5

Max: 11.0 (@Conan), 10.0 x 10 (@Epic Chocolat @Ezz @Remorque @londonrain @Miles Angel @Hatbar @Million_Lights @saviodxl @Daniel_O @WhatKindOfKylie?)
Min: 1.0 (@Hudvar), 2.0 (@Filler)

A bittersweet ballad indeed.

When Geri Halliwell left the Spice Girls in May of 1998, they continued the American leg of the Spiceworld tour as a four piece.

Having already written Goodbye with Geri, which initially was gonna be about the end of a relationship, they changed the lyrics to make it a farewell to Ginger. And it would be the first time they'd record as a four piece.

Producers Richard Stannard and Matt Rowe had to fly to Nashville for the recording sessions, which happened amidst the tour. Mel B said that it was the first time she cried to one of their songs.

It became their third consecutive Christmas #1 in the UK, making the Spice Girls the first act to have done so since The Beatles (in 1965). It topped the charts also in Ireland, Italy and New Zealand. In the US the single peaked at #11 (their last top 20 to date).

The lyrical content worried the fans back then: Was the group actually saying Goodbye and calling it quits? But they always said that the words "It's not the end" were supposed to symbolize that they would not split up. Considering they released another album (Forever in 2000), reunited in 2007, 2012 and 2019, technically they were not wrong, were they?

They performed the song at the BRIT Awards 2000, the same night Geri also performed her solo single Bag It Up. They got the Outstanding Contribution to Music award and thanked Geri in their speech. Unfortunately they didn't meet or reconcile that night.

Watching Geri sing Victoria's part in the 2019 SpiceWorld tour and witnessing her (finally) apologising for leaving was certainly a full circle moment! I didn't cry, no no.

Gotta keep it strong before the comments turn into fear:

@daninternational - 6.5
Famous forever, but not got the same depth as 2B1 or VF

@Maki - 7.3
I think this one is overrated, it's pretty nice but on the cheesy side and sounds like a typical R&B ballad of its time. I think Emma shines on this one.

@DJHazey - 8.0
Hmmm, a bitsy more impactful than I ever thought. I never gave it a fair shake it seems.

Mama Hazey - 9.0
The message is universally impactful and thoughtful, think graduation etc. *Wipes tear* goodbye to this amazing group. Baby Spice could sing the phonebook, by the way.

@berserkboi - 9.0
I seem to like this a lot more than I used to!

@WowWowWowWow - 9.0
It's so on the nose. You can easily envision a music video of black-and-white stock footage mixed in with more current content. But it did what it needed to do! I know I shed a tear once or twice to this one!!

@Holly Something - 9.5

@Ezz - 10.0
Along with Viva Forever, my favourite of theirs. Gorgeous harmonizing, and Mel B is a particular stand out.

I get that the lyrics/sentiment of Goodbye might be a tad... generic, but I will say this... A few years ago I had fallen out with my best friend and I was listening to music on Christmas Day and I literally couldn't make it through this song.
That was an 8.7. They might have the iconic arm movements, but they don't have the crying guitar that the Bee Gees did at the end of their original, nor the clowns that Legs and Co contributed to that release's No. 1 hit, sans crying guitar. Wah wah wah sob!
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Happy Easter everyone!
Are y'all eating lots of chocolate?

Or just a little bit?


Gina G - Ooh Ahh... Just A Little Bit
Date it reached #1: 06/04/1996
Weeks at #1: 1
Average: 8.559
Total points: 291.0

Max: 11.0 x 5 (@BubblegumBoy @Ana Raquel @londonrain @Hatbar @Hudvar), 10.0 x 13 (@2014 @MilesAngel @m_dimitrov Mama Hazey @WowWowWowWow @daninternational @cdd216 @WhatKindOfKylie? @berserkboi @TéléDex @Ezz @Remorque @Epic Chocolat)
Min: 4.0 x 2 (@Phonetics Girl @Verandi), 6.0 x 2 (@Mvnl @Maki)

The Australian who could!

In the early 90s Gina was a DJ in Melbourne and vocalist of dance group Bass Culture, under the alias Geena.

She migrated to the UK in 1994 and stumbled upon discarded demo tapes and took one, making a complete transformation, turning it into a pulsating dance anthem. She kept just the initial line of the chorus intact. You guessed it: "Ooh aah just a little bit". The song guaranteed her a record deal and an entrance in the UK Eurovision selectives in 1996.

She won the selection and became the first non-Brit to represent the UK on Eurovision. Although in the Song Contest she finished 8th (which for UK standards these days would be amazing), the song reached #1 in the charts. It remains the last Eurovision entry to hit Number 1 in the UK.

It became a hit in the United States as well, something not very common for Eurovision entries, peaking at #12 in there. It was the final Eurovision entry to make an impact on the US charts until Duncan Laurence's Arcade, the victorious entry of 2019, peaked at #30 (but in 2021).

In 1998 it was nominated at The Grammys for Best Dance Recording, the debut year of this category. It was beaten by Donna Summer and Giorgio Moroder's Carry On.

In the UK Gina scored two more top 10s: I Belong To You (#6) and Fresh (also #6).

I'll give you comments you can't ignore:

@Maki - 6.0
Generic, cheesy and cheap Eurodance song, never understood the overwhelming love towards this one. Also a scammer, maybe she should represent Australia at Eurovision sometime.

@DJHazey - 8.0
Not exactly the all-time favorite level that most people put this in, but I’ll always bop and have fond memories of the people doing a dance routine to this at school dances.

@berserkboi - 10.0

Mama Hazey - 10.0
Now this is more of my jam, the beat is fantastic. If the last song did “I’ll be your fantasy” like this, it would stick.

@Ezz - 10.0
One of the best Eurovision entries the UK ever had (maybe just pipped to the post by Jemini and Scotch).

@WowWowWowWow - 10.0
One of my introductions to Eurovision without even knowing at the time! The Motiv8 sound never gets old to me.

@TéléDex - 10.0
Just a Little Bit: Addictive every single time! Play it each Eurovision and it's still not overrated.

@daninternational - 10.0
It's hard to judge this away from my lifelong Eurovision obsession, the seed of which was planted by Sonia and then watered by Ms G. I came to school after Eurovision expecting everybody to have stopped singing Ooh Aah.. and instead singing the Irish winner 'proven' to be better. It was the first of many realisations that the world didn't value Eurovision as much as me, or that Eurovision didn't value good music as much as me

@BubblegumBoy - 11.0
Gina scamming her way into this rate and then winning… we love to see it’

@Ana Raquel - 11.0
Me when I am the best eurovision song ever created.

Another great Just a Little