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2 Become 1 is my favourite of their ballads, love the outro and I wish more of that was interspersed during the song.
I realize Viva Forever will most likely win but I'm hoping it exits soon - I've always found it a tad overrated (still a 10 though).


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Somewhat related but I wonder if there is something like a Pop Contradictions thread?

Earlier today I was listening to

Hit you up in the middle of the night
It's dark and I want my lover
Now I'm driving 101, lil' tipsy, little high
It's dark and I want my lover

Ain't got no time for love
Ooh, ah, ah, ah, ah
Ain't got no time
Bla, bla, bla, bla, bla

I got you here tonight
If my mama hate you
I love you alright
It feels so good

In summary, I want my lover, but I have no time for love, but also contingent on my mother’s feelings, I love you. THIS CANNOT ALL BE ACCURATE!!!

Run the Spanish lyrics of this through Google Translate. The number of contradictions will make your head spin.

"2 Become 1" did better than I expected. It sure is a really pretty ballad and among the best Spice Girls singles but not one of my faves here. Could've reached top 3 out of the songs left though.

To return to "Mi Chico Latino", I didn't mention it but its B-side "Summertime" is so good, I might even prefer it to the actual single. God tier of B-sides in general for me.



Spice Girls - Who Do You Think You Are
Date it reached #1: 15/03/1997
Weeks at #1: 3
Average: 9.085
Total points: 308.9

Max: 11.0 (@m_dimitrov), 10.0 x 16 (@soratami @Remorque @Conan @Daniel_O @saviodxl @berserkboi @Million_Lights @2014 @cdd216 @WhatKindOfKylie? @Mike @MilesAngel @londonrain @WowWowWowWown@Dynamo @klow)
Min: 5.0 (@Phonetics Girl), 7.0 x 3 (@DJHazey @Holly Something @Mvnl)

Released along with Mama as a double A, it became Spice Girls fourth consecutive number 1.

It was chosen as the official Comic Relief single in 1997 and a special version of the music video was released for the occasion. It featured the Sugar Lumps, a satirical version of the Spice Girls made up by 5 comedians who played school girls that wished to be the Spices. They dress up as their favorite (or assigned) Spice Girl and invade a party to meet their idols. Seriously, if you haven't seen that version of the mv, it's genius and hilarious! They way the Spice Girls made fun of themselves was always mesmerizing to me.

The Sugar Lumps were played by Kathy Burke as Sporty Lump, Dawn French as Posh Lump, Llewella Gideon as Scary Lump, Lulu (look at her appearing iin this rate again) as Baby Lump, and Jennifer Saunders as Ginger Lump.

And of course, there's THAT BRITs performance! As the opening act of the 1997 Award Ceremony of the show they made history, specially Geri Halliwell with her dress with the Union Jack on the front and a white peace symbol on the back.

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@DJHazey - 7.0
Never quite on the bandwagon for this one.

@Maki - 7.8
Great production and boppability factor is definitely there but the song itself feels a bit... amateur?

@daninternational - 8.0
That video was a stroke of genius, but the song is a bit more dated than its contemporaries.

@Ezz - 8.8
An irresistible pre-chorus.

Mama Hazey - 9.0
This isn’t quite on the same level as their others so far, but it still bops. The song is ready for the disco with the five girls chanting.

@berserkboi - 10.0
A bop!!!

@WowWowWowWow - 10.0
This has become a new favorite in recent years.

I loved this at the time but its gleam has kinda worn off over time. It's still one of their best though and compensated nicely for the treacle-coated puke pill of Mama.


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Who Do You Think You Are is just a cute discobop. It's absolutely a great pop song but coming after 3 iconic singles and also compared to the other 2 still in it's a bit b-tier Spice Girls material for me. Which is still great, and probably for any other girl group great enough to launch a carreer on at the time. Just less of a 'moment' or decade defining hit.
(not really consciously experiencing the Brits performance at the time may play a part here)


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By all means, please keep eliminating my 10s and leaving what is by SOME distance my lowest score to have been eliminated in quite some time.

At this rate my favourite Spice Girls song will be eliminated next…
"Who Do You Think You Are" does bop though there's something detracting about it - I can't properly explain it but that chorus melody is giving '12-year-old fan of pop music comes up with their first song' vibes. The pre-chorus is great though.

"Say You'll Be There" is easily the weakest song out of this top 3, the other two got perfect scores from me and would be amazingly deserving winners.