UK Ladies Not #1s of '00s Rate | Winners Crowned

I...was having trouble finding songs that fit the bonus round criteria by just checking my all-time favorites list. So, I'm mostly going to be using the thread as inspiration instead of examining my Spotify lists for hours. I was going to pick "Untouchable" but I'd have to base my score on the radio-version, and that's a no go. "Destroy Everything You Touch" is a definite yes @soratami. @If You Go which Sophie song(s) are we co-signing on? "Heartbreak (Make Me a Dancer)" would be a good choice for one.
You can't edit PMs if it's been more than like 5 minutes since you sent them though nn
It's not a PM, it's a Google Form for the Bonus Round Nominations
Finished going through the list (basically just listened to the remaining few 2009 songs) and I've made some really good discoveries out of this list. Only one stinker too. Overall, it's better than the #1 hits rate we had for sure.