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UK Ladies Not #1s of 2010s | #12 I'm not the biggest fan of Christmas music

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by saviodxl, May 20, 2022.

  1. If I were to do a Girl Group Rate at all in the future - maybe it would be time for FL only of those over the decades!

    Komm Doch Justice!!

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  4. Might do a tag spree later in the week to remember people to vote. Not right now 'cause drunk and broken-hearted.

    But keep sending me your ballots pls! Love you :*
  5. I already did. Check your box.
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  6. Suddenly I can't read idk.

    You can rate the bonus rate songs as well if you want. You sent me your main rate ballot only :)
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  7. Started yesterday and it shouldn't take me long. Expect it in the coming days.
  8. R27


    My busy period at work will done after tomorrow, so I should be able to have my ballot in by the end of the week.
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  9. Scoring Scale

    Main Rate

    11 | One
    10 | Three
    9.5 | One
    9 | Two
    8.5 | Three
    8 | Five
    7.5 | Three
    7 | Two
    6.5 | Two
    6 | One
    5 | Five
    4.5 | One
    4 | Three
    3.5 | Two
    3 | Two
    2.5 | One

    Bonus Rate

    11 | One
    10 | Nine
    9.5 | Two
    9 | Two
    8.5 | Two
    7.5 | Three
    7 | One
    3 | One
  10. Ok babes, 1 week to vote and although I'm not sure it will be possible, I wanna know if you need an extension!
  11. My ballot is about 60% done so I think i'll be able to make the deadline.
  12. I should finish today or tomorrow!
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  13. Receiving a few ballots now, so you know what that means

    - You're loving the bonus round songs way more than the main rate! The averages I'm getting, high as the temperatures I'm having here these days!
    - I love how some of you are like "she can do way better, awful, 8.5" while some others are like "one of her best songs, 5.5". The different scales you use amuse me!
    - Both in the main rate and in the bonus rate it's really tight at the top 3, so every new ballot can shake things up.
    - If the bottom five remains the same, the first 11 will fall sooner than I thought!

    So far we have:
    13 ballots for the main rate
    10 ballots for the bonus round rate

    I hope I get at least 20 in each, let's see...
  14. I only have one song left to hear in the main rate, so I'll start properly arranging the scores during this weekend and also continue with the bonus rate.
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