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UK Ladies Not #1s of 2010s | Vote for Main Rate and Bonus Round until July 10th

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by saviodxl, May 20, 2022.

  1. Soooooo excited for this.
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  2. I think these are eligible for the bonus round:

  3. Yassss, I'm ready for this mess! Count me in.
  4. R27


    I am present and I am kicking off my campaign to get White Noise to number 1.
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  6. @saviodxl This might be a silly question, but will the bonus rate songs be included in the main rate as one big rate, or will they be revealed in a separate mini rate?
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  7. I will definitely be taking part!
  8. They'll be treated separately. We'll have 2 winners! YAY
  9. And just like that I received the first ballot
  10. Thank you. I'm all fired up!
  11. She's participating x
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  12. Received also a few votes for the bonus round. I just wanna say some of you are picking the wrong songs by the right artists!
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  13. Any chance we could maybe have a few more songs in the bonus round? Like fifteen/twenty or so instead of ten? I get wanting to keep it short and sweet, but well, just ten songs kinda feels too short nn
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  14. There will be a lot of songs with only 1 vote, so I'd say the chance of having more than 10 songs in the bonus round is quite high hehehe
  15. Can't wait to rate all these number twos with you lot xx
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