UK Politics: General Despondency 2024

Since the last thread reached the 1000 page death rattle, here's a new one to be depressed and hateful in.

Today's mess:

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With the Russia report coming out, it has been revealed that the government knew about possible Russian interference with the EU referendum and chose to do ignore it because they didn’t want to acknowledge it

Also our media everyone:
I love how the BBC keeps saying there’s no smoking gun!? The government didn’t investigate shit but enough evidence of money laundering and House of Lords members being paid off... how much of that money is being paid to Tory MPs?
Remember when Johnson said that they weren’t publishing the Russia report because there was nothing of interest in it and they made Jeremy Corbyn sound like a tin foil hat wearing conspiracy theorist about this and the fact that the NHS was up for grabs though? Of course none of this matters because this government has never faced and probably will never face any consequences to any of the vast amount of shit they’ve done. Britain has literally become that meme with the dog whose house is on fire.
Whew, what a day in Tory Britain! So we have Tory MPs voting against their right to have a say in any future trade deals and against protecting the NHS. Then there is the Russian report which shows that consecutive Tory governments have refused to investigate any interference- whether on elections directly or the amount of Russian money in London and how it’s used- presumably because it has potential to be politically embarrassing. But the Scottish Conservatives are calling for an investigation into Scottish independence referendum in terms of interference, yet the government says it won’t be doing the same for EU referendum...right.

On top of that we have Robert Jenrick being shown to be a dodgy bloke again-

And then a Tory MP from the 2019 intake has been shown up for the creep that he is-
- I think he’s also had allegations of being creepy/inappropriate with young gay conservatives too- yet he still has the Tory whip.

And the Tory candidate for Mayor of London won’t shut up and is continually blaming Sadiq Khan for ‘bankrupting’ TFL as if there hasn’t been a pandemic which has cut footfall by 90%... and he’s moaning about the congestion charge being implemented as if the Conservative UK government didn’t insist on that being part of the deal so that they would help bail out TFL. I just...

And all of this is in the middle of a pandemic where we’ve had one of the worst responses with around 65,000 excess deaths? The way the Tory party is just full of careerist cunts interested in nothing but power, money and xenophobia really demoralising.

I’d imagine there’s not a chance of the tories going below 40% in the polls and a serious lack of genuine accountability until the covid economic fall out and a potentially messy no deal brexit start to have a tangible effect, so I think ima take a lil timeout from British politics Cos whew, depressing.
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It's started ... Project Fear 2.0.

Boris Johnson tells ministers to spend more time in Scotland and do interviews to boost support for Union
Cabinet ministers have been told to make regular visits to Scotland as part of Boris Johnson’s efforts to head off support for independence.

The Prime Minister has also insisted that UK Government ministers should appear on Scottish broadcast media in the same way as they do on a daily basis with UK-wide media.

Mr Johnson faces growing warnings that he risks overseeing the break-up of the Union, with recent polls showing a small but persistent majority in favour of Scotland becoming an independent country.

At a Cabinet meeting on Tuesday officials from the Scottish Conservatives briefed ministers on their plans to boost backing for the Union in the face of the polling challenge. Part of their strategy is to emphasise the scale of support given by the Treasury to businesses and workers north of the border.
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What's Boris Johnson worried about in Scotland?
He is stressing that it is the Westminster government that has supported 900,000 people who might have otherwise lost their jobs and produced billions of pounds in extra spending for the NHS.

Does Scotland not pay taxes? Why should be thankful to Westminster for doing the bare minimum?

It's also laughable to claim Tories are good for the NHS a day after they voted against taking it off the table in US trade talks.