UK Politics: General Despondency 2024

All I'm gonna say is this is what happens when you make everything about how much you hate trans people:
he/him/basic cishomo
The Liberal Democrats gave us "Jo Swinson's Liberal Democrats," a highly amusing flop, so for that I am grateful grapefruit.

The name is also funny to me as a red state American: it's inescapably derogatory-sounding dd.


Shouldn't there be some kind of... what's it called... oh yeah ELECTION when the MPs voted in for are switching party?

I was just about to ask that. UK politics seem very dirty. I'm not saying Dutch politics are clean. But some things about UK politics are so abhorrent to me. The way the MPs shout at each other in the House of Commons / Parliament (unsure which term to use, pardon me). It's a mess. Let each other speak, have some dignity.

Truss was a mess, Sunak is diabolical. How do you UK girlies cope??

I'm asking because I'm pretty sure my country is going to follow suit. Europe is radicalising. Our next government (which has been failing to form a coalition for months now) is going to be a mess. Now that I think about it, Dutch politics is literally just as messy except our MPs insult each other on Twitter instead of in each other's face dd.