UK Politics: General Despondency


To an extent - Haven't we already been here before in 1999 with the McPherson Report?!
Some things never seem to change...
Disgracefully, Keir Starmer’s response is that it was all sorted out, but having the Tories in for 13 years has set things back.

Surely no introspection on his part for his organisation failing to prosecute any police officers for the 2009 killing of Ian Tomlinson.
Theres a massive ACAB graffiti that I walk past everyday on my way to work and it always makes me smile because it's true and always has been.
I was delighted when I saw ACAB all over in Medellín. That's actually where I learned what it meant. Some truths transcend language.

Sending a prayer or whatever to you all that some bit of this leads to positive change.