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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Baby Clyde, Apr 8, 2010.

  1. I'm an old skool socialist who wouldn't dream of voting anything but Labour despite the fact they've changed beyond all recognition from when I first started supporting them as a teenager and would find it hard to defend many of their policies.

    Having said that I can completely understand why this generation would see them in a completely different light and not even consider voting for them

    I'm guessing that there is a huge generational divide these days between those of who know what living under a Tory government is like and those that only know having New Labour in power.

    I'm interested to know how other PJ's will be voting and their reasons for this.
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  2. Pye


    Re: So Who Are You Voting For???

    I am a old school Socialist as well. Having grown up in the eighties I am terrified of having another Tory Government, so I'm afraid rather than waste a vote on Lib Dem I will be voting Labour. I still do not trust the Tories especially when it comes down to equality issues for Gay's and single people.
  3. Re: So Who Are You Voting For???

    I am, and always have been Lib Dem. Even back when I was five and they were part of the SDP (always remember the great Spitting Image sketch, "Dr Owen and Mr Steel)

    Labour may not be perfect, but it must never be forgotten that the Tories are complete bastards, no matter what they say.
  4. Re: So Who Are You Voting For???

    I will, sadly, be voting for Labour. Would much rather see a Lib Dem government, but it's Labour or the BNP in my area. It's quite embarrassing, really.
  5. Re: So Who Are You Voting For???

    I'm not quite sure they're that bad at all. There's been so much policy theft on both sides that, fox-hunting aside, New Labour and the Conservatives are nigh on the same party. Unfortunately it's a party I don't like at all.
  6. Re: So Who Are You Voting For???

    I'm quite heartened by the response to this thread so far.
  7. Re: So Who Are You Voting For???
  8. Re: So Who Are You Voting For???

    Were you around for Thatcher? I may have been young, but I remember. (And to be honest I still haven't forgiven the fuckers for abolishing the Eady fund.)
  9. Re: So Who Are You Voting For???

    Well, all but one of those are from more than 5 years ago. The Tories are quite a different party (or are at least trying to seem different) with David Blair Cameron. At the moment I'd like to see a hung Parliament with Cameron as PM, if only to give New Labour a kick up the arse and give Nick Clegg a little bit of influence.

    That said, the last item on that site is quite sad. It's not right to discriminate against homosexuals, and it's a shame the old fuddy duddy Tory MPs don't see that.

    I wasn't, at least not in any memory-forming capacity. I know a lot of what she did was shitty at the time, but there's plenty of argument for her economic reforms being the source of the unprecedented boom we had under Labour. It's just a shame Gordon Brown was such a robbing twat as Chancellor.
  10. Re: So Who Are You Voting For???

    I shall be voting Lib Dem.
  11. Re: So Who Are You Voting For???

    I could never vote Tory. Never.
  12. Re: So Who Are You Voting For???

    If I could vote it'd be Green Party. I'm still allowed to be an idealist thanks.
  13. Re: So Who Are You Voting For???

    Yes and I wasn't even young. The thing is those that can remember her know just how hideous she (And the Tory party) really are. Unfortunately there are millions of people voting now that have no idea what it was really like at that time.
  14. Re: So Who Are You Voting For???

    Oh please don't tell me you've fallen for that one!!!
  15. Re: So Who Are You Voting For???

    I'm voting labour.
  16. Re: So Who Are You Voting For???

    I shall be voting Lib Dems. I have voted for them for the last ten years.

    Labour are corrupt and have lost sight of what they were. They need to go. Conservatives however are an even worse alternative.
  17. IotV

    IotV Guest

    Re: So Who Are You Voting For???

    Margaret Thatcher truly did terrible things for the Conservatives, didn't she? Best thing she ever did.
  18. Re: So Who Are You Voting For???

    I don't know much about politics, but my mum always votes for the Green Party because she's mildly environmentalistic (if that's a word) and likes the policies. My father votes Labour but he's a mindless robotic drone so his opinion is invalid. He just goes along with whatever.
  19. Re: So Who Are You Voting For???

    Well it's not a case of 'falling for it', it's just that both parties are converging at this annoying centre-right plateau. I know the oft-spouted phrase that elections aren't won, they're lost, but the Tories have taken such a beating over the past 12 years it'd be ridiculous if they didn't start to change.
  20. Re: So Who Are You Voting For???

    I'll be voting for my current local MP, who is a Lib Dem and has been doing a wonderful job in the area. I've decided that I can't look at this election on a national scale any more, it's too big and it was doing my head in.
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