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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Baby Clyde, Apr 8, 2010.

  1. I actually think Patel being PM would be as bad as Boris.
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  2. Looking more and more likely another GE will be held next year.
  3. not_another_one.gif

    Imagine if this is all the master Tory plan so that Labour takes power, fucks up Brexit and then get back into power once Brexit is over.
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  4. I honestly did think that Theresa May's campaign for the June one was so bad, she MUST have been purposely messing it up so she wouldn't have to deal with Brexit. Yet to be proved otherwise.
  5. I'd imagine thats the hope of the likes of Boris etc. Let Jeremy fall on their sword in the mess they made and swoop in in 5/6 years to "save the day"
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  6. No party will survive Brexit, once the people of the UK start to realise whats actually happening, they'll turn on the party who done it (even though they voted for it, but you know how people are.) Corbyn needs to give an official stance on what he would do in regards to Brexit. He's been a bit all over the place. The only marginal hope for the UK to survive is to stay in the single market.
  7. Priti Patel's replacement is Penny Mordaunt.

    *cue jokes about this government belly-flopping*
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  8. Oh whoopee, another self-publicising exhibitionist.
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  9. Just watching BBC1 news and they said that the EU had made a proposal to solve the Northern Ireland border by issue by allowing NI to remain in the single market and customs union.

    And Westminster said no.

    So NI and Scotland voted to stay for those reasons and we are being denied them by Westminster.
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  10. LTG


    The Tories are being propped up by the DUP and they have said they won’t accept a deal that involves Northern Irish people having to show their passport on entering Great Britain.
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  11. I'm so angry I can't even type.

    This was their fucking response:

    The UK is a joke. It's worse than a joke, I don't even know the words. It's hell.
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  12. I still can't believe May's Brexit team won't publish their findings in that report.
  13. Tory attitudes to the border issue seem predicated on the illusion that the North of Ireland is peaceful, will continue to be peaceful and always was peaceful.

    The 1950-2000 revisionism is astounding.
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  14. My Dad brought up an interesting point about the border and passport control in Northern Ireland. So currently the DUP are adamant that Northern Irish citizens should continue to not have passport checks when travelling/flying within the UK.

    However, how will they handle those of us from Northern Ireland with Irish passports coming in to the country from the EU? Will we have to join the EU queue? Or will we be treated like those who are British who will likely have their own queue for ease? I have every right to be in the same queue as someone with a British passport as I am technically classed as a dual citizen (as much as I wouldn't want to accept British nationality). Also how would they distinguish the difference between someone who is Irish from the north and someone who is Irish but from the south when travelling?
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  15. This is the point that should have been harped on ad nauseum during the referendum. It was brought up a few times but nobody ever bothered to answer the question.

    I honestly don’t know how you could resolve this satisfactorily.
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  16. 1. Unify the 32 counties!!!!
    2. Second Referendum
    3. NI gets some sort of special status within EU/Single market/Customs union etc
  17. I don't know where you're from but sis.. no thanks.
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  18. I'm from the North sis
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  19. The UK is one country. We cannot have special measures for just one of the nations. It demeans national sovereignty and unity.
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