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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Baby Clyde, Apr 8, 2010.

  1. Ooh, I want to hear these.

    Conversely, I once had someone ask me (in Australia) where my accent was from.
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    The country is suffering under more Tory austerity, homelessness is rising, poverty is on the rise and wages aren't rising in line with inflation yet some fuckwits in both the Conservatives and DUP think we should have a lottery to fund a new royal yacht. To quote Detox, I'VE HAD IT, OFFICIALLY.
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  3. Why don't we spend £100 on a brick wall and then just bang their heads off it? It's not like they'll be any less sensible afterwards.
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  4. LTG


    So Labour's Shadow Transport Secretary was doing a tour of train stations today to complain about the fare rises... only to be stuck on a broken down Virgin train from Stevenage to Leeds ddddddd.

  5. I guess it's not strictly UK Politics related but the BBC China Editor in Chief resigned yesterday because she wasn't being paid as much as her equivalents for the US/Middle East and honestly the comments across the internet are abhorrent.

    How people can justify paying women less is beyond my comprehension
  6. Ugh. When will Christians spend as much time going on about divorce, tattoos, eating shellfish or working on Sundays as much as they do about sexuality?
  7. Not a good move from him. He's just made himself look weak and wobbly like Theresa May, who he criticises at every opportunity, with that backpedalling. I honestly felt quite bad for him at the time, because to me it felt like a conflict between what his faith teaches him and what his personal beliefs are, and there must be some difficulty juggling those two conflicting opinions when you are a public figure, but it doesn't seem that way now.
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  8. It was a strange hill for him to die on in 2017.
  9. I don’t talk much about my faith on this forum but, as a Bible-believing Christian who has had full-on theological debates on this subject and has heard the “we are all sinners” argument before, my official response to this is:

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  12. Of course he fucking does, he's probably found out he'll lose his pension, either that, or he won't rest until the country is a barren wasteland after the result of a second referendum has the racists rioting after """having their country taken away"""
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  13. That's the first thing I thought when I saw this this morning. The penny's probably finally dropped for him that he's going to lose his EU pension. What a cretinous waste of space.
  14. Isn't his pension paid up in the divorce bill? I think this is him desperately trying to be 'relevant' again.
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  15. He's a fully paid-up member of the establishment (bought and controlled by The City) , working as an agent provocateur even though nobody can surely give a toss about his "opinions" anymore.
  16. I agree that he’s very much a member of the establishment, but if he were controlled by the City surely they’d have had the sense to get him not to support Brexit to start with?
  17. Trump has cancelled his visit to the U.K. under fears "he won't be welcome."

    Well done Britain. A job well done (for once.)
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  18. You'd think, but who knows how these twisted people operate. Farage has family history with the City, they gave him some sort of award (or fellowship) a few years back, before UKIP became high-profile. I knew from then on that he would always do the bankers' and financial sector's bidding, whatever posturing took place.
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