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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Baby Clyde, Apr 8, 2010.

  1. OK I mostly comprehend. Thanks for the explanations.
  2. Have you all seen the teaser trailer* released by the Foreign Office ahead of Trump's visit on July 13?

    It seems completely over the top. Is it normal for them to do this ahead of visits?

    *It feels like a trailer for a theatrical release!
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  3. Does give us plenty of time to write signs.
  4. Amber Rudd's just letting Trump in so she can deport him.
  5. LTG


    He’s white so probs not.
  6. RJF


    The fact that these fucking conservative groups are suggesting he come to SCOTLAND rather than London though. Fuck off!
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  7. Buzzing my tits off to write the perfect protest sign.
  8. Bad enough he has to come at all, let alone ruin a perfectly enjoyable Friday the 13th.
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  9. What time does the presale start?
  10. She needs some good PR. Will she even still be Home Secretary then, though?

    Wouldn't be surprised if Donald wants to go there just to play golf, he certainly isn't coming to work!
  11. Presale is tomorrow at 9am, exclusive for Kanye fans.
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  12. wow Melissa McCarthy's new comedy looks lit
  13. The protests are gonna be something else...

    Haha that's exactly what it looks like.
  14. Booking my day off work now so I can get in formation with all the good sis on Friday the 13th.
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  15. The woman holding the Trump Is A Cunt sign is Glaswegian comedian, Janey Godley, and she's hilarious! I've seen her live and it was the funniest stand up set I've seen.

    Her voiceovers are worth a watch.

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  16. What even is this.
  17. So, he's definitely going to London? I hope Khan gets his route in advance and puts temporary traffic lights and diversions everywhere.
  18. Amber Rudd resigns!
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