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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Baby Clyde, Apr 8, 2010.

  1. K94


    About time

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  2. LTG


    Theresa you can follow her any time as it was just your policy she was enacting...
  3. RESULT!
  4. But then we could have Boris or Jacob Ress Mogg as PM...
  5. Solenciennes

    Solenciennes Moderator

    It’s a scream that the Conservatives are getting cannibalised by scandal after scandal while Theresa May continues to dangle over the cliff face to oblivion
  6. I've got enough petrol in the car to get me to the channel tunnel.
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  7. LTG


    There's not a majority in Parliament for their Brexit extremism, so if that were to hasten a general election... I wouldn't be mad?

    That said, I don't think either would have the popularity within the Tory MPs to get to the final round.
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  8. There was no possible way Amber Rudd was getting out of this without being sacked or resigning, such a mess. Theresa should absolutely follow, but she was using Amber was a shield to take the blame, so she won't.
  9. I am still unconvinced he is a real person.
  10. LTG


    Sajid Javid in as Home Secretary, James Brokenshire coming back to cabinet after his illness to replace Javid at Housing, Communities and Local Govt.
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  11. The Tory's are just crumbling around May.

    The crusty old white men that pull the strings from the shadow must be livid.

    Roll on the next General Election.
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  12. It's been one disaster after another ever since last years election. It would be funny if the UK wasn't currently in the middle of its biggest and toughest political change in decades.
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  13. In all honesty I think the Conservatives are just trying to keep Theresa until the local elections have happened and then she'll either fall or be pushed. I can't see her lasting much longer.



  14. Diane made her stance pretty clear to me. Piers was just trying to feed the narrative that promotes the smear campaign against Diane.

    Labour promotes setting targets for deporting illegal immigrants in prison whilst working on a fairer system for other illegal immigrants, such as those who have overstayed living visas etc. It's really not hard to understand.
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  15. That basically confirms the UK can’t leave without a deal in place.

    I’m perched for the daily mail comments on this one.
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  16. The UK:
    "Ms Rudd is the fourth member of Mrs May’s post-election cabinet, and its second senior woman, to go in just over 10 months. The wastage rate is high. It indicates the fragility of the cabinet, the government and the Tory party."

    The US:
  17. Absolutely. I think Diane was wise to be careful in talking about the different categories of illegal immigrants, because as soon as you say "They should all stay" or "They should all be deported" you're getting yourself into murky territory further along the line. For example she thinks illegal immigrants detained in prison should be deported, but they're currently not being so, but those who are illegal because their visas have run out should be assisted in being able to remain legally if that's what they desire. That sounds like policy to me. She also seems to focus on the importance of getting the department re-organised so it can actually function; you can have all the policy in the world but if the department handling that isn't fit for purpose then it's no use.

    Basically Piers Morgan is a twat, says he's not trying to trip her up, but he is.
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  18. Not much to cheer in the local elections other than UKIP lost 91 of 93 council seats. Despite us being ruled by absolute arseholes, I still can’t help but cheer a local wipeout of another bunch of arseholes
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  19. Lib Dems gaining more seats than Labour

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