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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Baby Clyde, Apr 8, 2010.

  1. Who?
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  2. The people who gained more seats than Labour

  3. Never heard of her. Was she in x-factor?
  4. She's in local government

  5. Only just.

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  8. This:

    ... is not really surprising at all, is it?
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  9. Tory's worst result since 1971 but but but... "What a catastrophy for Labour!"
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  10. The fact interest rates are holding at 0.5% is just a grim reminder that our growth over the past ten years has really just been created through artificially low interest rates. The jenga tower will start to collapse next year when Brexit hits, and they have to increase interest rates to combat inflation.
  11. Tonight looks set to be another dreary Question Time with their mostly mediocre panel, but I'll still watch and tut disapprovingly.
  12. Ugh. This fucking country.

    Schools stretched to the point of laying teachers off, begging parents for donations and yet there's cash available for the grammar schools.

    The government are trying to pretend this money is to encourage them to bring in more disadvantaged kids but we all know when its all said and done it'll be the well-off that get the lions share of the benefit and the rest of us can fuck right off.
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  13. Most disadvantaged kids don’t even want to mix with the well off. Who wants to be the poor friend? Hence why the working classes tend to avoid Russell Group uni in favour of less elite institutions.
  14. This is...not the reason
  15. It’s one of many though.

  16. Scottish Labour, Lib Dems and Greens are joining The SNP Scottish government in not giving consent to the UK Brexit Bill, the vote is due tomorrow in Holyrood.

    May is having an absolute 'mare.
  17. The Scottish Parliament refused the UK Brexit Bill with 93 votes to 30.
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  18. A kii, a cackle. We love our Scottish sistren.
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  20. Good lord. Do my eyes deceive me. Could there really be rumours of another snap election?
    Surely this is fantasy?
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