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UK Politics: Misery, The Sequel

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by bestinase, Jul 21, 2020.

  1. I mean the quiz is obviously terrible but why is the Mirror coming for those team names? Professor Quiz Whitty is a chef's kiss name.
  2. Heh. Someone used this on a quiz I was in last year. Along with E-quiz-abeth Taylor and Quiztina Aguilera.
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  3. I think it's just more about the inappropriateness of having a quiz with COVID-related names when a) it was illegal to gather b) people were dying up and down the country from the illness. It just furthers the feeling of being laughed at like Allegra Stratton.
  4. Not my Nurse mum getting a medal for working through the pandemic when they're probably going to fire the unvaccinated in April fff they said pay rise? Nah have claps and metal.
  5. LTG


    They’ve known about the party since January (Crerar confirmed this the other day) and they’re just publishing the evidence they’ve been sent by Tories wanting to get rid of Johnson. It’s not the best investigative journalism ever.
  6. They called her Romy?

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  7. Good.
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  8. Pippa Crerar is the new gay icon of 2021/2022 and that's tea. The drip-fed drama! Queen knows exactly what she's doing and is living for it
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  9. LTG


    Always sad when a friendship breaks down

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  10. Didnt Pippa also get very upset when people joked about her going to private school nn
  11. Amazing by-election result last night. Helen Morgan (Lib Dem MP) was a former work colleague of mine. She's a genuine, lovely person and I sincerely wish her all the best. Great speech too!
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  12. Good things can happen on this plague island after all!
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  13. Let me revel in this fantastic piece of news amongst all the Omicron doom and gloom even if just for half a day. Just lovely.
  14. Tories losing a seat theyve held for 200 years?

  15. After the last few years of absolute misery I'd be up for the banter election result of Tories losing seats to the Lib Dems in the South and Labour/ SNP in the North and us getting a Frankenstein coalition of all three. It wouldn't be great but would be better than what we have (and Scotland would most likely be set free so good for them).

    Obviously the main issue with this is that as someone who lives in Liverpool and travels around the North a fair bit for work....Kier isn't winning many seats here.
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    Keith’s entire strategy is pivoting towards Tory and Lib Dem voters and look where it gets him.
  17. This isn’t directed at you at all but I hate this narrative that the SNP are the anti-Tories in Scotland. They’re not. You only need to look at their 14-year record in government to see that. They are a right-wing nationalist party parading as a centre-left party because they know that’s what people will vote for. Their beliefs do not carry beyond the Saltire flag.

    It is part of the SNP’s core principles to dismantle the Labour movement in Scotland so they can frame the debate as “us V Tories”. They’re doing a hell of a good job at doing it, I’ll give them that. But people in England need to realise that the SNP are not on your side. They are not the Labour Party with a saltire on.

    Nicola Sturgeon is an excellent communicator but her party’s record in government shows that they don’t really care about making Scotland a better place. Under the SNP, Scotland will never be at its best because they want you to think that it could be better if we were independent.

    We need a strong Labour movement across the UK to get rid of this Tory government. Pinning your hopes on Scotland voting SNP does not mean a positive outcome for either Scotland or the UK as a whole.
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  18. I’m choking. This party will devour itself very soon fjjfjd
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  19. Love this, giving Jackie Weaver energy.

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