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UK Politics: Misery, The Sequel

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by bestinase, Jul 21, 2020.

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  2. Sam


    I’m exhausted
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  3. LTG


    Disgusting exclusion of trans conversion
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  4. I’m sick of TERF island.
  5. I do wonder if the way they've rolled that out was deliberate to try and bury trans conversion therapy being excluded from the bill.
  6. Conversion therapy is such a weird, niche practice anyway, like what harm would it possibly do just to ban it? Where is the argument for keeping it? Most people don't even know what it is!
  7. Conservatives believe that being trans is inherently bad, and that no matter how much pain someone is going through being convinced that they are cis, it's better than being a happy, confident trans person.
    They believe that trans people are untermensch so any and every attempt must be made to extinguish trans people.
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  8. The GC argument is that kids (mostly girls) who would otherwise grow up to be gay and cisgender, are being forced to transition. “Transing the gay away.” To them, trans healthcare is conversion therapy in itself. All nonsense, obviously.
  9. TERF island continues to sink to new lows
  10. Looking forward to Maya et al fading into obscurity. Has she lost her tribunal yet?
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  11. People being convicted of rape is at its lowest ever, languishing at about 1%, domestic violence against women is up, institutions like the Met are riddled with misogyny…and yet these utter cunts are focusing on a tiny proportion of people who are already marginalised and are far more likely to be a victim of crime than a perpetrator? All while there’s a war and a cost of living crisis…Literally get a fucking hobby

    I think the verdict is announced sometime in May
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  12. LTG


    I wonder what Jane was doing when there was an alternative to this

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  13. Nobody interested in their private parts, so they over invest in a harmful interest in the private parts of others.
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  14. SBK


    Not sure playing it to them would make any difference. Sunak was brushing off stories like this in interviews last week anyway... they literally do not give a fuck.
  15. Sam


    unsurprising to see this David Warburton story is absolutely nowhere in the mainstream media
  16. Really? I’ve seen it plastered everywhere. What aspect of it do you feel is under reported?
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  17. Did we talk about this bullshit?

    Because it is bullshit.
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  18. Truly I desire a French Revolution.
  19. Channel 4 gives us the best news source on British Televison...

    Channel 4 gets sold off to the highest bidder in the hope of stopping that.

    That's my luck warm take anyway
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