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UK Politics: Misery, The Sequel

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by bestinase, Jul 21, 2020.

  1. Well I for one am quite happy with these election results all-round.

    The DUP getting hammered in Northern Ireland, with Sinn Fein coming out as the largest party and Unionism going into panic mode. Also Alliance making major gains and proving that there is a strong desire to move away from the old way of doing politics.

    Then the SNP increasing their lead even further in Scotland and coming out with the largest number of council seats they've ever had.

    And of course, last but not least, the Tories losing hundreds of seats, which is something we will always love to see.
  2. I'm all for an independent Northumbria
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  3. He’s also the youngest MLA at 23 and he’s the third openly gay MLA in Stormont (John Blair and Andrew Muir are openly gay as well).
  4. I'm struggling here, as a foreigner in the UK I can see Boris and his friends are hated by so many, but what do Labour actually offer? Surely a opposition should have policies.
  5. You would think so... I can't really think of many off hand.
  6. Why do people vote Conservative, is it because they are old, rich and racist and don't want to be part of Europe as they think they are better?
  7. Sam


    I absolutely loathe Laura K omg
  8. I think now it just goes back to the 2008 financial crash and it's forever "Labour's fault".

    But I really don't understand how you can look around and see NHS wait times, mental health crisis, increasing crime, stagnant wages, inflation, food bank usage, the numerous Tory scandals in Westminster and still think "yep, I want more of this"
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  9. An absolutely huge day for NI considering its history.

    Sinn Fein are causing a political earthquake both North and South of the border. Its no wonder those who cannot bare the thought of losing the status quo *cough the Unionist parties* and *cough the establishment parties down South* are so petrified of them.
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  10. I’m no expert on Northern Ireland but it’s interesting that Sinn Fein only increased their vote share by 1%. It’s more that the DUP vote collapsed and spread across multiple parties.

    It doesn’t seem like the runaway success for reunification that it first appears? (I don’t have a horse in the race btw!)

    But I think Ms Nicola Sturgeon is right that things are only moving in one direction. And it’s completely the fault of Westminster for hoarding power and treating regions and countries outside of England with contempt.
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  11. To be fair, they also treat England with contempt in general. However, if you live somewhere that’s important to keep them in power, you may get treated better.
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  12. I don’t get this narrative around why the SNP getting more council seats in Scotland is a good thing.

    Part of the SNP’s strategy is to dismantle the Labour movement in Scotland. They want to frame the constitutional debate as Tories V Scotland. Without a strong Labour vote in Scotland, there is little chance of a Labour government at Westminster, meaning we’ll be stuck with the Tories forevermore.

    Scotland will never get the govt they vote for if they vote SNP because they don’t stand anywhere else. It is a protest vote. A waste of a vote. But they act like they can “stand up for Scotland” if you vote for them when they can do nothing of the sort.

    Scotland will never be at its best under the SNP because the SNP will always want the promise of things being better if we get independence.

    The SNP ran this local council election on the principle of “Let’s show Boris what Scotland thinks of him!”. This election had nothing to do with Westminster? Why would the Tory government care about the SNP’s performance in council elections? They are gaslighting the country. The SNP have been in power in Scotland now for 15yrs. They took control of Glasgow City Council at the last council election. If they were so proud of their record then ask the electorate to judge you on your record rather than gaslighting them into a protest vote.
  13. I think how Northern Ireland is perceived by the UK is totally different to how they see Scotland. Scotland leaving is a threat to the national identity. NI is an obligation, the British government clearly does not care about stability there because if they did then Brexit would never have happened. I would be very surprised if a Better Together type campaign was even run there in the event of an Irish unification referendum.
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  14. Could Keith be on his way out? I know its early days BUT if he did go, who would even replace him? Andy Burman?

  15. Because voting Labour has worked out so well for Scotland in the past …

    Our vote has always been inconsequential in the grand scheme of things. Just look at Brexit.
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  16. I really don't think he would quit days after an election...
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  17. Gross
  18. Exactly. Even if every constituency in Scotland voted Labour in 2019, the Tories would still have a majority. The SNP are, were, and will probably continue to be the only option for Scotland.
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  19. Elaborate. I thought he was seen as the second coming in Manchester.
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