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UK Politics: Misery, The Sequel

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by bestinase, Jul 21, 2020.

  1. At the absolute mess of the government not implemented masks properly during lockdown, he was sending people who worked for him into local supermarkets, maskless, to see what we would do.
  2. I’m not sure this helps your point? Every time a Labour government has been elected, Scotland has voted for Labour. Another Labour government won’t be elected without Scottish support.
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  3. Eek, not a good look.
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  4. Scotland consistently voted Labour for decades, yet Labour only got in when they'd convinced enough of the English electorate to vote for them.
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  5. Scotland shouldn't have to vote Labour if they don't want to just because England consistently vote for the Tories.

    Voting for the SNP stops the Tories getting a majority in Westminster, but unfortunately Scotland's number of seats are so much smaller in comparison to England that it rarely matters either way. And this is the crux of the argument for you know what.
  6. LTG


    Burnham isn’t an MP so he’d have to try to win the Wakefield by election or get someone in a safe Manchester seat to step down which would look quite opportunistic.

    I imagine it would be Wes Streeting from the right versus Angela Rayner from the soft left but with some reactionary views on law and other side.

    The left wing has been so sidelined and the rules changed so you need more MPs to nominate you so I can’t see them getting a candidate in the race.
  7. SBK


    Is he on his way out? I'm not sure he'll go yet.

    You can definitely feel the right pushing "you should quit because you said Boris should quit, why haven't you lead by example" line... He's far less guilty than Boris, but 100% more likely to be seen to do the right thing.
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  8. If he gets a fine and still stays after all that, his credibility will be destroyed. He HAS to go now if he gets a fine.

    Partygate is the ONE thing that is really putting pressure on Tory MPs to kick him out and if this all collapses...
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  9. LTG


    Starmer said Johnson should resign even when he was under police investigation, so it’s already embarrassing for him.

  10. LTG


  11. This is also putting a lot of pressure on the police. They'll be torn apart no matter what they do.
  12. LTG


    That’s probably why he’s announced it.
  13. Yep
  14. SBK


    Can we do a factory reset on our political system?
  15. Ooo, another twist in the story.

    Apparently Durham police have said previously they wouldn't issue fines retrospectively but they could still find he broke the rules and not issue the fine.

    This seems like another, smelly, dirty political tactic. I HATE politics.
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  16. Him refusing to answer whether he'd resign if he was found to have broken the rules but doesn't get fined did somewhat undermine his "I'm not like the other politicians" act.
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  18. Surely he should say “I’ll only resign if Boris resigns”?
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  19. Sadly Boris Johnson will NEVER resign as PM - he will need to be "Fired" or kicked out of office!
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