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UK Politics: Misery, The Sequel

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by bestinase, Jul 21, 2020.

  1. Brand new operating system would be better.
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  2. I've become so fascinated by the psychology of conspiracy and how it's remarkably consistent regardless of the wallpaper being pasted over it. There's always a group of nasty people coming to get you, a group of devious people helping them do it, and most of the time there's a man coming any day now who will put an end to it and serve justice.

    It's so strange how we all recognize it for what it is when someone's preaching about the end times or convinced that Trump's going to rise up and arrest Hillary's entire pedophile ring, but then we don't recognize it with terfism and still allow it to be treated as if it's a legit political opinion in our country despite it once again being the same fucking conspiracy with some key words swapped out for "sexual deviants" and "trans rights activists."

    And they all come with the same behavioral patterns too and once you see them you see them everywhere. I recently—regrettably—had a look at a few "I stand with Amber Heard" threads and well I'll be damned it reads like the same shit you find on any terf hashtag on Twitter. It's all a masterplan, the people supporting Johnny are just bots bought by Hollywood elites, big strong daddy Elon Musk is coming to save us all from these horrible, horrible misogynists, etc, etc.

    Why does this particular pattern of thinking pop up everywhere on every scale and with any topic? It's genuinely as if the conspiracy theory—singular, because really they're all the same one with the names changed—is wired into our brains.

    We're doomed.

    (A little off-topic, sorry not sorry)
  3. What happened to the Brexit Party/Reform UK?
  4. Russian sanctions
  5. Senior figures from Brexit/Reform are rebranding and trying to create an ‘Anti Net Zero’ sentiment in the general public and trying to turn it into the next stage of the ‘culture war’ I believe.

  6. Nothing new, but TERF island continues to disappoint
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  7. Even worse than I expected. You can't consent to torture masquerading as therapy and to try change something about yourself that is fixed? I don't have figures but I'd expect a decent proportion of those who get conversion therapy to have been brainwashed / forced into 'consenting' anyway. It's a non-ban.
  8. Even that dickhead Charles looks like he’s about to laugh when reading Boris & Co’s propaganda.

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  9. SBK


    Seemed like Michael Gove was having a stroke/high on BBC this morning.

    Resorted to weird accents to mimic the media and treasury. Utterly bizzare.
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  10. Bin the Monarchy, bin the Tories and bin the entire United Kingdom political system.
  11. LTG


  12. And if anyone disagrees, show them this:
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  13. If Liz Truss even touches the Protocol, The Good Friday Agreement is in trouble.

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  14. The buffet part doesn't surprise me, but a ribbon cutting?? For a food bank??? It's not a fucking leisure centre.

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  15. Why are they celebrating the opening of a Food Bank?
    It staggers belief
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  16. There should be a celebration when one of them closes because it's no longer required as everyone can earn a working wage that covers their cost of living with money left over to spend/save as they please!
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  17. SBK


    Tories are trying to paint the narrative that they're part of every economy and existed under a labour government most importantly!

    If only we could pin point what happened in 2009 that meant the need for them skyrocketed........

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  18. [​IMG]
    Absolutely sick of that cunt Jeffery Donaldson holding the whole of NI to ransom just because he’s not getting his own way with the Protocol and being a wee fucker about it.
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  19. Right…..
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  20. They’ve truly lost the plot.
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