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UK Politics: Misery, The Sequel

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by bestinase, Jul 21, 2020.

  1. The revelation that Kemi stopped the FCA from introducing a trans inclusion policy for the 50,000+ firms it regulates

    get in the bin
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  2. It was intentional, ew.

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  3. Indeed. Plus if they agree he was a dishonest PM, they themselves become complicit in allowing him to stay on for so long. Sunak said last night he was at no.10 everyday, sometimes multiple times a day dealing with the COVID crisis. There is no way he never saw any parties taking place or evidence of parties the day after. Especially considering they are meant to have occurred at least every Friday, plus for leaving do's and in the PM's flat. They all talk about how their loyalty to him was something to boast about, forgetting their loyalty is to their constituents who voted them in.

    As another said, Sunak came across as very smug, over rehearsed and happy to stab his colleagues in the back on stage in the hope to get one over on them. Didn't like him at all.

    Penny was just wooden and not the scary iron lady she has been made out to fear.

    Kemi just looked down all the time as if reading her notes.

    Tom was a bit bland but seemed the nicest out of the lot.

    Liz was just awful in every possible way. So she'll probably be our next PM if the daily mail get their way.

    The main problem with the debate was there was no opportunity given for the host or audience to pick holes in their BS.
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  4. They're certainly trying
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  5. I thought this as well. The format pretty much allowed them all to comfortably stick to their over-rehearsed lines.

    I do hope the next two debates will offer something a bit different. As much as I dislike Kay Burley, I’m hoping she’s going to be her usual ruthless self and really rip through their polished exteriors in the Sky News debate. I just hope she lets them get a word in!
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  6. SBK


    They definitely think she's the candidate they'll be able to manipulate the easiest.
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  7. Watching the debate back… Penny hasn’t got a fucking clue. Kemi gets it more, but her views are terrifying. Liz is a trainwreck. Rishi does come across as smug, but he does seem to be the only person that understands the complexity of government. Tom was there.
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  8. I like Kay, she's pretty brutal and no BS.

  9. Kay Burley is a cretin
  10. That clip a few weeks back of Kay Burley being systematically dismantled on live TV by Mick Lynch over her train strikes fearmongering really tells you all you need to know. The woman has air in the brain. She's all bs. I'm not expecting hard hitting lines of questioning!
  11. I dislike Kay immensely, she is unpleasant and a bully.

    Exactly what this crop needs.
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  12. Support for Penny is evaporating
  13. I remember quite a while back now I was watching Sky News. There’d been some sort of incident - I think it was a plane crash - and people had died. Kay was live on air rummaging through their belongings. I just remember thinking how incredibly crass and unnecessary it was. It really reinforced my view that she’s not a very nice person.

    However, in the case of this contest, she definitely has the potential to knock a few of them off their guard. I’d like to see them really challenged with some harder lines of questioning that they just aren’t rehearsed for. I’m pretty sure most of what was said yesterday had been polished to “perfection” in advance.
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  14. All the daggers are out for Penny, it's going to be Sunak vs Truss isn't it. Truss has no chance and Sunak is yet another law breaking prime minister. Oh fun.

  15. Labour are an actively anti Trans party, coupled with the leadership challenge using it frequently... I'm at a loss with current UK politics.
  16. If we’re talking about the same incident, it was the Malaysian Airlines flight that went missing. She was utterly shameful during that period. The worst moment was when she essentially chased after some relatives who were being removed from an official press conference and caused a total media scrum in the process. Gutter journalism.

    Highlight though is when she runs up an escalator the wrong way, says “should’ve gone to the gym” and then falls over at the top.

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  17. That’s so disgusting, what a horrid piece of work she is.
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  18. LTG


    Sounds like minimising antisemitism here. Left wing Jewish people have been expelled for that, I wonder if Ruth will be.
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  19. That was a much better debate than the Channel 4 one.

    I still think they need someone who responds more sharply though. For example, Kemi saying she’s not ashamed of anything they’ve done in government. That’s the perfect opportunity to then challenge with a response such as “so you’re not ashamed that the prime minister and the chancellor broke the law”? I just think they need a bit more heat and pressure applied to them. Make them squirm!
  20. 100%. I want something less rehearsed and strict also, an hour isn't long enough. I would like something similar to Question Time where the audience can ask more adhoc questions and really put on the pressure.
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