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UK Politics: Misery, The Sequel

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by bestinase, Jul 21, 2020.

  1. How much more will we take? I don’t think strike action is enough at this point nothing short of a revolution would do.
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  2. Someone get me off this island.
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  3. It disgusts me when I see the serial landlords on Instagram bragging about their "estate empire". It's gross. Stop being a greedy landlord.

    Also, the student loan system is broken and ridiculous. Don't get me started or I probably won't stop.
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  4. These policies are a fucking MESS

    UK govt debt is at its highest since WW2 and you want to slash taxes???? Muffy the entire country will collapse nn
  5. Does anyone have an explanation of what interest rates mean and how it affects everything? We have a fixed mortgage which I believe ends in 2024 so will our payments go up then?
  6. Your payments in 2024 will depend on what the interest rate is then. Most commentators expect the base rate to rise into 2023 and then fall again in 2024.
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  7. So if you're not fixed, how often would it change? Month to month??
  8. Well I would assume you would fix again when it’s due for renewal.
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  9. Yup!
  10. Kwasi and Liz are fucking unhinged.
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  11. This is absolutely a smash and grab on everything they can before the ship is sunk.

    We are fucked.
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  12. If their plan doesn't work, then the rich still get richer.
    If their plan works, then the rich get even more richer.
    Meanwhile, everyone else in the UK will pay for it through their taxes!
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  13. They've completely crashed the pound today with this announcement, the markets hate it all and it's not even popular with either Tory stans or the general public. Flop era, flop country

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  14. Yikes, it just gets better.

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  15. UK politics is truly disgusting. It’s terrifying.
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  16. Are they stupid, evil, or a mixture of both? I really do not understand this - even if the ideological end game is to make the rich as rich as possible, that won't work when the entire country is on fire. Sign me up for revolution, strike, whatever it takes. The saddest part of all of this, is that the balance sheet will once again be balanced with loss of life, crippling poverty, reduced quality of life, and mass mental health issues. Everyone, literally everyone I know, is gripping on to the edge.
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  17. Truss' first week she kills the queen, her second proper week she kills the economy. It's going well so far.
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  18. It's sort of sending me that they've just tanked the UK economy while thinking they were knights in shining armour ersfdsfh

    The hubris
  19. I can't even kii at it, because that would be assuming that they're actually trying to make the economy better. Kwasi Kwarteng worked for Odey Asset Management as an analyst, and continues to work for them as a consultant:

    Odey's hedgefund is up 145% this year by shorting British government bonds.

    The Tories have been orchestrating disaster capitalism for the past decade, and it's only going to get even worse.
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  20. Being an MP should be a full-time job. Never mind being a cabinet member. Never mind being THE CHANCELLOR.

    MP second and third jobs should be banned.
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