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UK Politics: Misery, The Sequel

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by bestinase, Jul 21, 2020.

  1. The way I was just about to try to apply for a mortgage on a little flat for myself after years of saving up and now everything's gone to literal shit. The cute reminder that my lifetime of education, workplace labour and trying to better myself means nothing in the grand scheme of things when government and corporations can keep us socially and financially stagnant forever. They really said stay hungry and renting, poors!

  2. The fact it took me a minute to realise this was a comedian and not an actual Tory MP...

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  3. Her campaign clip for the Conservative leadership campaign was both hilarious and confusing if you'd not seen her work before.


  4. This read just made me cry (I’m a big baby) It also made me think about the little ones I work with at school and how many might be silently struggling - and it absolutely kills me. What the fuck has happened to our society to get us to this stage again? I mean…I know the answer but still. You know when you just wanna scream?!
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  5. When will it stop.
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  6. He


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  7. A national treasure.

  8. Letters of no confidence are already being sent in against Truss. Kii
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  9. What can we do? Seriously what can we do to stop this?

    Bank rates of 6% would make my mortgage unaffordable. I refuse to watch some Tory cunt swoop in, buy my house from me so they can rent it out for ridiculous prices.

    We’re beyond eating the rich. We need to destroy them.
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  10. LTG


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  11. National Day of Action planned for 1st of October - take to the streets, hope others do too, keep applying the pressure so the Tory backbenchers turn on the new leadership team, which would surely force a general election. Then hope British public are not stupid enough to continue this madness and vote for an alternative - see also hope that Labour allow room and space for radical (not radical) thought and policy to help a better tomorrow. Unfortunately I feel like we have a crisis of imagination mixed with a rigged system which will lock us into a version of this hellscape for a long time to come.
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  12. Nn yes. The money saved from scrapping Stamp Duty is completely outweighed by mortgage rates skyrocketing.

    Some lenders are taking their deals off the market entirely.

    Cheers Liz and Kwasi you DIPSHITS
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  13. Reading the news from overseas...what the fuck is happening in the UK. Batshit insane times.
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  14. HrjfjdjfjbdbxjdjAaaaaaaaBAAAAAAAAA
  15. I know it was only like a month ago (lol) but I’ve forgotten. how many do they need to force a vote? What’s the likehood?

    Surely if it comes to this, we need a general election?
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  16. [​IMG]

    There was a theory that Truss was elected to fail, leaving the path open for Boris to be re-elected by the Tories.
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  17. LTG


    54. Only 50 of the 360ish MPs voted for her on the first round and only 113 in the final round. So there’s a lot of people not necessarily all on board the Truss train. However, I can’t see them actually getting 54 unless things get worse. Which is not impossible with this party…
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  18. The fact only 54 letters need to be filed

    Yas let Tory factionalism destroy the party
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  19. Labour voted to put PR in the manifesto before a GE at their conference, but I'd guess Keir will not implement it. He would if he stood for anything though.

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