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UK Politics: Misery, The Sequel

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by bestinase, Jul 21, 2020.

  1. There's decent stuff coming out at the conference and I feel a lot less despondent watching it than I have done over the past few years since Kier got chosen. Raynor and Reeves in particular had a big pop girl energy I've not seen from them in a while, and I feel like Burnham could be a real asset moving forward too.

    Anyway back to the next two years of Tory rule lol xx
  2. Lol they are so dumb.

    Meanwhile The Daily M*il and The Expr*ss are trying to do the heavy lifting for Liz, and The S*n is basically pretending it’s not happening.
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  3. LTG


    Glad he was upset by the lyrics Jessie wrote in ‘Sam’
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  4. I think Tory party rules means Truss can't be forced into a confidence vote for 12 months, regardless of letter numbers.

    But who knows these days!
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  5. LTG


    I believe the year’s grace is only after winning a confidence vote.
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  6. She would comfortably win a confidence vote this early in and then be secure for another year. Waste of time. We'd be better off hoping the Tory backbenchers rebel against anything she tries to push through parliament.
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  7. LTG


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  8. Not Rupa Huq being Konnie's sister? Siblings dedicated to mess!
  9. I know we're two years out from an election but it is starting to feel like the public are finally turning against the Tories. Coupled with some genuinely good stuff at Labour conference and I'm sort of...hopeful? Feels weird.

    Don't get me wrong, Kier absolutely lied to the membership in order to get elected to leadership and some of the stuff coming out about what the Labour right was doing during the Corbyn years is disgusting. So I'm not overly enthused about a Starmer government but literally anything would be better than what we've had the last twelve years.
  10. LTG


    Unfortunately the Tory losses are very soft at the moment. Many of the don’t knows will very likely go back to the Tories when there’s a general election.


  11. Liz watching the pork markets crash -

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  12. I feel ashamed to be in a country that elected a government that happily allows this stuff.

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  13. The way everybody and his Nan are denouncing this budget, and the Bank of England are stepping in to mitigate the impact, SURELY it can’t go ahead as planned? It just seems like lunacy.
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  14. Anybody with a shred of decency and pride would be out there trying to sell their policies to calm the markets right now.

    Instead, Liz and Kwasi are sat watching The Chase with a packet of hobnobs.
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  15. The fact the entire economy nearly collapsed today is just….

    The Bank of England must wake up each day like… fuck sake

  16. Oh, for fck’s sake.
  17. I wish Trussolini would truss off.
  18. She's doing 8 regional BBC radio interviews tomorrow morning. That'll be fun.

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