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UK Politics: Misery, The Sequel

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by bestinase, Jul 21, 2020.

  1. Fucking jinxed it didn't I
  2. Cummings has left with immediate effect. Bye pumpkin!!!
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  3. Nn why are the photos giving me staged teas

    Dominic definitely didn’t have enough belongings for a box
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  4. Ooft you don’t mess with a muppets lady
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  5. The fallout of this is going to be gloriously messy. Cummings won’t stay quiet about this and is probably firing up his private blog as we speak.
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  6. hehe
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  7. 'we still don't know how possible it is to catch Covid twice'
    I can tell him. It's 100% possible.
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  8. Coronavirus to Boris
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  10. Psst Boris is only at risk of catching Corona when he needs a distraction for what's going on in that nutjob government of his.

    Pass It On
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  11. Yeah the timing of this is incredibly suspect nn.
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  12. Is Boris determined to break up the union? It sure seems like it.

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  13. Well, don't forget that Geoff Bezos reunited Ireland last week.
  14. This is both hilarious and tragic.
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  15. There is one unfortunate typo in this tweet

    Also this tweet, noooo
  16. 'We apologise for the troubles'
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  17. My Prime membership paying off.
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  18. I see that Starmer continues to be Starmer.
  19. Starmer dumb ass shithead
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