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UK Politics: Misery, The Sequel

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by bestinase, Jul 21, 2020.

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    According to ONS figures, there are over 1.2 million job vacancies. That’s not purely a skills issue. I agree the skills issue is also important in some areas, and things like reinstating nursing grants could improve things.

    That doesn’t stop it being clear that Keir is pitching his rhetoric towards the anti-immigrant tendencies of some tories. Talk about ending exploitation of poor workers etc, not focusing on lowering immigration and using these racist dogwhistles.

    Yes, getting rid of the Lords would be good, but I’d worry under Keith there would be central party lists so he’d get his own allies in and still have a democratic deficit.
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  2. You'll get no argument from me.


  3. I hate the Labour Party so much my god
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  4. They are the gift that keeps on giving.... to themselves. What a surprise this is!

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  5. I honestly howled. Constantly lowering the bar. Constantly giving me material to despise
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  6. God I will die of laughter if she goes to jail. She is a rotten rotten rotten human being.
  7. He


    The comments. Lord.
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  8. Anyone seriously suggesting that Labour should ‘take on’ Brexit clearly want more suffering under yet another Conservative.

    Did I vote against Brexit? Yes. Do I hate everything it represents? Yes.

    But it’s clear as day that the majority of the British public (those who bother to vote) would support Brexit again and vehemently oppose anyone who tries to stop it. Regardless of the damage it does to this country in countless ways. It was never an intelligent choice, so arguing against it based on logic will fall on deaf ears.
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    Keir supports the hard Tory Brexit that is contributing to the declining standards in this country on top of general twelve years of Tory rule. This is after he tanked Labour’s chances due to ruling out compromising for a softer Brexit. All in favour of his own personal ambitions.
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  10. There is no point labour having an opposing view on brexit to the tories at the moment (if they indeed have one). The tories would love it if they did and would just play in to their hands, leading to another general election where the main topic was brexit again, and nobody wants that.
  11. Agreed, and the polls show that Labour are taking the right approach to getting elected.

    Unfortunately, people who oppose Labour and whose views are more akin to the Socialist Workers and Greens will never be happy with whatever Starmer says and do not want a Labour government ... Completely ridiculous given our 2-party system in my view, but there we are...

    Personally, I think the Labour policies that I've heard about are mostly fine - I don't agree with anything but it doesn't really matter. Most parties don't really deliver the manifesto anyway so it's pretty academic whatever they say now. It's what they do when they are elected that really matters and I am convinced they can do no worse than the hideous Tories. I won't comment on the other main parties individually, but they are varying degrees of pathetic and delusional in my opinion.
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  12. Exactly, Labour are focussed on winning the election. They are picking their battles carefully with that in mind. I hope they get a huge majority so that they can sort things out. Hopefully, they can also put measures in place to stop another party getting away with what the Tories have with the corruption, lying etc.
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  13. Coming from a very safe Labour area, it was heartening to hear my nephew say he'll vote Greens next. Labour have taken for granted their most loyal of supporters, and while I hope they win the election over the alternative, I also hope they realise that being Red Tories isn't going to be enough, and once in power start to remember who they are.
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  14. When does 'They're just saying XYZ so they can get elected and sort it all out!' ever pan out? Is it 3D chess or are they just in fact not very nice people who don't actually want real left-wing policies?

    They've spent the last 3 years abandoning every manifesto pledge they said they would keep, in some futile attempt at getting the right-wing press on their side (who in the end, will always support the Tories - even if they give Labour a go for a term while they re-group).

    I don't judge anyone who votes for them, the Tories are awful, but I think a lot of this faith is misplaced. I personally couldn't even stomach a 'lesser of two evils' vote as long as they're cozying up to transphobes & racists.
  15. Yeah, I've always held my nose and voted Labour in national elections until now, but my current thinking is that I just can't in good conscience next time out (unless something substantial changes, obviously).

    If I believed that for all their faults, they would be substantively different to the current slow-motion train wreck, I might be able to, but I have absolutely zero confidence in the current leadership not to be just as venal, inconstant and corrupt.

    All that said - I live in an incredibly safe labour seat. Would I feel the same if I lived in a marginal?
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  16. Hope this catches on. Well done everyone.

  17. LTG


    *pretends to be shocked*
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  18. This country is hell.
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