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UK Politics: Misery, The Sequel

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by bestinase, Jul 21, 2020.

  1. The policy has never made sense. What happens when a wheelchair user needs assistance? Is the driver expected to do it??
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  2. There’s really countless instances where a second member of staff on a train would be necessary. The fact that the media have reduced this to solely a pay dispute is such a failure of reporting.
  3. How are they still getting away with this? Fuckers.


  4. I shall continue to wish he would fack off!
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  5. Has anyone checked on Rowling and Cherry?
  6. Well thank fuck for that.

    It only took six bloody years.
  7. I really think Westminster is going to stop the GRA reaching royal assent. They are willing to throw the Union away so they can be transphobic.
  8. Speaking of the parasites

    But of course, it's the nurses who would like to be paid who are 'ruining the country'.
  9. 'once in a lifetime'

    Whose? His?

  10. I gasped.

    "Do you work in business?"
    "No, I'm homeless"
  11. He really has no idea how to talk to people, does he? He has no idea what's going on around him.
  12. “I’m just hoping to get through Christmas.”

    “What are you doing this this weekend then? What’s the plan?”

  13. A man with all the resources in the world and zero humanity. I hope he gets ripped to shreds at the next election.
  14. So I keep popping into this thread and I do two things:

    1. I watch the video from that MP(?) of the Scottish Gender Recognition Reform bill passing. Lovely. Great boost to my day.
    2. I hover over the video of Mr. Sunak at the homeless shelter and try to churn up the courage to watch it, but I can't. It's serving classic /r/cringe in an extreme way and my body rebukes it.
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  15. I dunno why but yesterday I got such a horrible feeling that we’re not far off from a repeat of the 2011 riots. The people in this country are FED UP.
  16. Weirdly, I’d say the opposite, I felt like this last summer but now I feel like people are worn down and have just given up. That’s how I feel like people around me feel, just resigned to the bullshit for the foreseeable.
  17. This is how I feel.
    Even just a year or two ago I would give people who say 'I don't watch the news' a raised eyebrow and slightly judge them for being ignorant or naive about what's going on in the world... but now I find myself switched off from it all. I barely watch TV these days, I unfollowed anyone 'political' on social media. It's like I've taken active steps to avoid it all. Reading and watching stuff that frustrated me was taking its toll with my mood, etc.

    I guess I feel very powerless and at a loss at what can be done about all the shit things that are going on. Like, even if Tories lose the next election, I don't really see much changing.
  18. Could it be... a hint of real journalism?
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  19. The riots will come when energy bills go up and the support goes down. People are already desperate and eventually not stand for it anymore.
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