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UK Politics: Misery, The Sequel

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by bestinase, Jul 21, 2020.

  1. I agree, which is why I don't think I'd rule out a U-turn entirely. Sure it looks bad to "cancel Christmas," but we all know no one's going to follow stricter advice anyway, so even if he tightens restrictions, people won't follow it and will enjoy Christmas anyway. And then when deaths rise again, he can blame the public for not following guidelines.

    Being the Prime Minister who needlessly allowed deaths to climb back up to almost a thousand a day with mass vaccinations literally in sight seems like a pretty bad place to be to me, much worse than being seen as a Grinch.

    But then it's Boris, I suppose. He'll do whatever he wants and if it works out he'll take credit and if it fails, he'll say he never did it in the first place over and over until the press and the public just accept his version of events of out sheer exhaustion. And repeat.
  2. RJF


    Sis, the vast majority of this hateful country would rather have dinner with Gran on Christmas Day even if it means she's dead in January.
    This has been the most interesting part of things in the last few months, watching governments now try to balance not pissing voters off in trying to, you know, save their lives. The Christmas rules in their entirety are dumb, like the virus is just going to down weapons... but no one's going to care then they're in the same room with ten-plus people on Christmas Day watching Gavin & Stacey.
  3. Do we know anything about how vaccine information is being shared with those receiving it? Like, are they receiving any kind of leaflet or anything?

    I'm a little concerned that receiving the vaccine might embolden people to mix more closely over Christmas despite not having reliable immunity until early-mid January.

    No doubt doctors are explaining this, but I do think it's something that should be hammered in over and over.
  4. My boyfriend got his vaccination today and it came with a leaflet, but since it’s aimed at health workers I’m not sure they really need reminding. I haven’t asked my mum if she’s received anything similar but again, as a care worker she’s well aware this doesn’t mean she can just go back to normal.

    I tried to upload a photo of the leaflet but the files too large but it essentially is an FAQ and it specifically says you still have to follow all government advice and restrictions.
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  5. Failed state.
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  6. "Go and see your family, but don't come crying to us in January when your gran is dead."

    This policy is an absolute disaster. But realistically, the people who think it's a bad idea wont visit their family regardless of what the Gov says, and the people who don't care about Government policy are going to do whatever they want anyway. We're fucked.
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  7. K94


    Waste, Negligence and Cronyism: Inside Britain’s Pandemic Spending

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  9. Andy Wightman has left the Scottish Greens because of their pro-trans rights stance, which I found to be very shocking. He has been a great politician and it’s sad to see him decide to embrace bigotry. Transphobia is a plague on society and it is so frightening how prevalent it is becoming with certain groups.
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  10. LTG


    Surprised it only took 5 days to get a tier 4.
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  11. Seriously. Just when you think they’ve exhausted all the ways they could possibly fuck this up, there’s another embarrassing u-turn. And these dimwits can’t even manage to hold a scheduled press conference on time.
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  12. The dramatic u-turn of being “it will be inhuman to cancel Christmas” to “Christmas cannot continue as planned” in the space of two days. Whew.
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  13. Tories are inhuman scum?

    Can't wait for Keir Starmer to announce that it would be wrong to criticise the tories at this time.
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  14. RJF


    This is farcical.
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  15. Could this all have been avoided had London actually been placed in Tier 3 from the start?
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  16. Scotland going into a tier 4 lockdown from Boxing Day for three weeks. Fuck, this is hard to process.
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  17. SBK


    Nah. Perhaps it might have slowed it, but they needed to be stricter way before the last lockdown
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  18. London jumping 2 tiers in the space of 5 days shows the absolute incompetence of this government, but I just don’t think anybody is surprised anymore.
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  19. LTG


    Probably not with the schools open.
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