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UK Politics: Misery, The Sequel

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by bestinase, Jul 21, 2020.

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  2. We already left the EU in January.
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  3. Worms for brains, truly. They are fucking idiots.
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  4. Trying to resist doing a “new year new me” status just saying “I wish Boris had died”.
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  5. i don’t want to like this .. such madness
  6. I know, I got confused, but this will strip us of all our freedoms once it hits 11pm tonight, Northern Ireland is in a different situation, but we’ve basically lost everything by being a member of the EU and now since the Transition period ends in less than an hour we’re back to where we were before the start of the European Community.
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  7. This f’ing idiot.

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  8. Stanley Johnson getting a French passport to remain an EU citizen...RPWEJFJRKJRKRLRKL. Infuriating.
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  9. Still laughing though.
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  10. Now that Brexit is done I wonder what will be the next bandwagon this cunt jumps on to try and stay relevant and in the media.

    I would be over the moon if I never had to see or hear from him ever again.
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  11. His bandwagon has made him a millionaire.
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  12. Primary Schools in London to remain closed, with a fortnightly review.

    NOW this needs to happen for the entire country not just London.

  13. He voted remain, and as far as I’m aware has always been against Brexit.

    It’ll be masks in the run-up to the local elections.
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  14. Thinking a BiT ahead here.. but has anyone else been thinking about the next election already?

    Like, with Labour offering so little as an “opposition” party, is it finally time for a general shift of the liberal vote to Green or elsewhere?

    I know itsnotrealistic.gif but just feeling a little more depressed than usual about the options on offer.
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  15. I would love for this but sadly as per we will be lacking options in 2023/4. I'm hopeful for a shake up though. I mean where's our AOC? Or do we have some and I not been knew?
  16. I've said it time and time again, if I lived in England I genuinely wouldn't know who to vote for. I would probably vote Green but I couldn't help but feel it would be a totally wasted vote. This is why the FPTP system is not fit for purpose.

    At least people in Scotland have the SNP to vote for and they've managed to break the deadlock of the two party system. Although Scotland are on a completely different road anyway, so you can't really compare them politically anymore to England.
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  17. Well given that the only significant party in th UK that gives a shit about HBTQIA+ people is the Green Party of Scotland, you're damned whoever you vote for.
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  18. Unless people want another Conservative government, the only option is to vote Labour, or to vote tactically if you live somewhere that is a battleground between say the Conservatives and the Lib Dem’s.

    I get that people who adored Corbyn aren’t particularly big fans of Starmer, which is absolutely their personal choice and right.

    But if people don’t vote for Labour based on the fact that the leader isn’t perfectly aligned with every single one of their own personal beliefs and ideologies, then it’s almost certain the Tories will will, again.

    Those of us on the left need to remember that the majority of people who support the Conservatives or are right-wing voters, don’t care if the people they back perfectly represent everything they believe.

    They seem only to care if those that they elect are simply loudly and passionately shouting about just about ones thing they care about as a voter.

    This was made even more clear by the 2019 general election which in effect became a de facto ‘people’s vote’ on Brexit, as it was the single issue that caused Labour to hemorrhage millions of voters.
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  19. Vote Green. Vote Green. Vote Green. Vote Green. Vote Green. Vote Green. Vote Green. Vote Green.

    Oh and also VOTE GREEN
  20. Agreed. If we’re still stuck with the FPTP system then either vote Labour, or say hi to another 5 years of the Tories. Now, if the Lib Dems could get their act together and form an alliance with Labour, even better.
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