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UK Politics: Misery, The Sequel

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by bestinase, Jul 21, 2020.

  1. Go off, Queen.

    Boris is a filthy piece of toe-rag.
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  2. I... Don't understand the point of this article? Like no one wants to hear this crusty old goblin and his trash opinions, but all he's describing here is triage which is not a hypothetical, it's something that thanks to the incompetence of our government doctors are having to deal with as we speak, and I can't even imagine how torturous that must be.

    We've heard from many over the past few weeks about hospitals delaying surgeries and potentially delaying cancer treatments because of pressure from COVID. These decisions aren't made by a computer. A doctor doing their job the best they can has sat down and tries to do what's right and maximize wellbeing in a situation where there's no good outcome.

    To then publish an article that suggests these doctors are crossing a moral line seems really shitty to me. Like kicking them while they're down after the hell of 2020.
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  3. Did you even read the article? He's saying the young and healthy shouldn't have to suffer lockdown to protect the "less valuable" old and vulnerable. That's not triage, it's eugenics.
  4. I don’t understand why DRoss keeps doing these, but I enjoy the cringe.
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  5. “Does Nicola Sturgeon like IKEA?”
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  6. Sam


  7. He needs to do something when he's not refeering a football match, missing key votes and just in general being an all round cunt.
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  8. Buckle up, girls.
  9. I won’t be voting for independence while that twat Joanna Cherry is a member of the SNP.
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  10. *looks to see what she’s done now*

    Oh. Jesus Christ. Vile

    Edit: The SNP having a normal one
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  11. I hate the government and I hate what 11 years of Tory government has done to this country
  12. In their Hate Crime Bill, you can be homophobic just as long as you’re criticising someone for being gay or telling them to stop being gay as well.
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  13. LTG


  14. Nicola is a class act and I am so glad she has addressed it. I do agree though when she says it doesn’t go far enough unless things change and something is actually done about the transphobia within the party.
  16. As much as I want to believe Nicola, I can’t help but feel like this is just a knee jerk reaction to the response to the Hate Crime Bill.

    Lovely words, but sack Cherry now and then maybe we can talk. X
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  17. The thought of her being anywhere near the constitution of an independent Scotland gives me chills. If Nicola means what she says she has to remove the whip from her, from Neale Hanvey and Joan McAlpine, and address the seemingly hundreds of SNP supporters with Scottish flag Twitter names that exist only to spread transphobia.

    The Greens will be getting my vote in May.
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  18. The issue for me is that the greens don't stand for the first vote, they only list candidates in the preference vote part I think.
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