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UK Politics: Misery, The Sequel

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by bestinase, Jul 21, 2020.

  1. Yep I have just checked and they’re not running one in my constituency (I think they do in some!); meanwhile the SNP candidate is a Cherry supporter who spoke against the GRA, and is undoubtedly going to win... What a shite situation all around.
  2. It’s a tricky one because I do want independence and giving my vote to the Nationalist party is currently the best way of (maybe) securing that.

    But I can’t in good faith endorse a party in which such rampant bigotry is allowed to run riot and be passed into law. I’ve always viewed the SNP as progressive but these recent events are woeful and need to be addressed with swift action ASAP.

    I do really hate the world, sometimes.
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  3. I emailed my SNP candidate yesterday asking for their views on Trans Rights.

    Interesting to see which MPs/MSPs retweeted Nicola and which didn't.

    But then Nicola jut said this in Holyrood

    If it exists?! It exists Nicola!
  4. I currently live in Ruth Davidson’s constituency so I will begrudgingly be voting for Angus Roberts/SNP when it comes down to it. I’m greatful that a change in the rules blocked Cherry for running in my constituency but I detest the fact she is still unchallenged within the party. (2nd vote Green Always)

    The SNP civil war is coming, and it’s going to be a mess. I know there are rumblings about the New Alex Salmond led Party that could see some high profile Terfs defect. . . But I’d rather see them shamed out of the party.
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  5. A very good statement, but the replies are largely fucking gross. The UK is a cesspit on both sides of the border.
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  6. Not much, and took a long time coming, but get fucked TERF.
  7. LTG


    Actually surprised to see TERFism in the UK actually have consequences
  8. Holy shit.
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  9. Good fucking riddance. Just look at her Twitter timeline; this should have happened ages ago.
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  10. Fucking finally. Surely Nicola will keep her from standing in Scottish Elections? She managed to block her this time around.
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  11. Wait, she’s still in the party. That’s disappointing.
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  12. It’s what she deserves.
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  13. I’d like to think it was the transphobia but realistically it’s probably for her defending some antisemitic bile on Holocaust Memorial Day and for undermining Sturgeon.

    Like, the only 3 SNP MPs who don’t have a portfolio now are Cherry, Angus MacNeil and Kenny MacAskill- and they’re the three closest allies to Alex Salmond...

    Either way, good riddance!
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  14. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

    She is a nasty person who has behaved appallingly online and said some seriously vile things about trans people. She has driven thousands of young voters away, she has constantly undermined the party leadership and she has completely given the SNP a bad name with her bigotry.
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  15. Ok Nikki hun, you’ve got my attention now.

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  17. Angus Robertson at least seems to be on the right side of the SNP on this, and is supportive of trans rights; so at least a vote for him will increase the number of MSPs who will support reforming the GRA if Nicola finally brings it forward.

    I’m Edinburgh South and our SNP candidate is pro-Cherry; I’m going to contact our Labour MSP to find out his views as I haven’t been able to find anything online (concerningly).
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  18. I dont even have words at this point
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  19. Getting shot of Lady Miss Kier would be a better start.
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