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UK Politics: Misery, The Sequel

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by bestinase, Jul 21, 2020.

  1. Yes because in a world where nationalists just committed an act of terror against their capitol, what we really need is more nationalism
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  3. We elected this

  4. I fill out YouGov surveys that always seem to end up on the news, and I just got one about the UK and Patriotism. One question was “How patriotic do you think the Conservative Party is?” I said “Not at all”, and another about the flag but I forget the wording. Cunts. I wonder who commissioned it based on the discourse of the last few posts.
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  5. What the fucking fuckity fuck is going on here in Northern Ireland, there’s an e-petition going around to stop Northern Ireland’s Protocol, all built on the DUP’s lies as usual, they’re not happy with the Protocol as they don’t want us being treated differently from the rest of the UK, they were the ones who voted for Brexit, they were the ones who knew what was going to happen, they can’t have their fucking cake and eat it too!!! DO THEY WANT A HARD BORDER ON THE ISLAND OF IRELAND? DO THEY WANT TO GO BACK TO THE TROUBLES? I’m just so fucking tired of their shit tbh.
  6. So the Torygraph is reporting that the devolution of healthcare that Cameron and Osbourne brought in is to be canceled in favor of a "joined up approach" aka what we had before. The Tories are absolute fools. A decade of cuts, billions of pounds spent and peoples healthcare suffering just for them to admit they were wrong.

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  7. ^ I hope this happens. The whole commissioner/provider model is totally against the values of the NHS and was/is very problematic in social care too (although I do think some private providers have delivered very good social care services).

    Although I would not personally want a Tory minister in charge of anything, most voters do, and if it creates more accountability and better services this can only be a good thing.
  8. Giving Matt Hancock any more power than he already thinks he has is definitely NOT a good thing. I see this as an attempt for more control, as if the silly little twerp doesn't already have a dictator complex.
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  9. David Cameron's legacy being destroyed piece by piece is a beautiful thing though.
  10. I'm sure Matt has a family member or two he can offer a contract to. Nothing like keeping it in the family.
  11. Just when I thought the DUP couldn’t get any worse, an MLA goes and says this, absolutely disgusting and abhorrent behaviour, it’s Black History Month, the fuck is wrong with this bastard?!

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  12. He definitely started eating a table leg when he saw that Sainsbury's ad.
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  13. I can honestly say in my 51 years on this Earth (with most of my life spent living in the UK), I have NOT seen a worse Government cabinet then we've got now! (and I lived through the Thatcher years!) A majority of them had to resign/leave previous senior posts due to their bad behaviour under a prior leader - and still they managed to get back in! We're in the second year of this Government's term in office and the only thing they've got right is the vaccination role out. But this is being done by the NHS/Army ground staff who have made it happen! If it had been outsourced to a private company - I can guarantee it would have been a mess!
    Once we have passed the pandemic stage of Covid and Business volume is back to pre-Covid levels, then the Brexit problems are REALLY going to kick in (there are enough of them already after only a month!)

    However, I have a lot of faith in the current generation of under 35's - as most people I know under 35 have a complete differently perspective on Politics and what is important than what the current Government are doing. It won't be long before voting will be done very differently and decisions made very differently! Imagine an App where you get to vote on what policies are implemented - regardless of what political party you support - and with far more younger people voting!

    I do think I was lucky to come of age in the early 1990's and that I had the opportunity to work aboard in Europe on a number of occasions (as well as further afield - Mexico and India)
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  14. I agree with you @Hairycub1969 and thank you for your perspective. Sometimes I wonder if pandemic anxiety is making my perception of this governments long list failings heavier or if it's just, you know, Tories being Tory and the situation is indeed beyond dire. My current fear is that massive sociopolitical changes will happen to the UK within the next 20 years but that it will be too late for the environment and we will have left our children to burn. I promise I'm an optimist and honestly am looking forward to hearing the 1.5 albums Rih will release over the last 50 years of my life.

  15. The Labour party have a lot of 'splainin' to do
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  16. Everyone high-key needs to stop voting for Labour regardless of how far right they move.
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  17. Well hello let’s celebrate that
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