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UK Politics: Misery, The Sequel

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by bestinase, Jul 21, 2020.

  1. Putting that poll and the most recent Scotland Westminster poll into Electoral Calculus, it would result in the Tories having a 20 seat majority overall. I’m going to assume it’s a vaccine bounce but you know what this country is like.
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  2. #LibDemSurge
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  3. Regardless? You think it’s good that they’re moving rightward?
  4. @Nillness is saying that people are continuing to vote for Labour regardless of how far right they move, and that they should stop that.
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  5. Maybe Jo "I could be the next Prime Minister" Swinson was onto something!
  6. Was going to put this in random thoughts - great article on how cruel the British mainstream became with the advent of reality TV.

    Once reality TV was a thing, it was fairly obvious that the establishment would use it to demonise certain groups and push their own agenda. Still, it’s a really interesting and fairly sobering read. (I say this as someone who generally loves reality telly.)
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  7. It honestly terrifies me what further damage this particular bunch of Tories is going to cause for the next decade, given that Labour haven’t provided a proper opposition. Literally terrified.
  8. The fact Lib Dems prefer Kardboard over actual Labour voters says it all

  9. I regret to announce that Starmer

    We'll need to update the flowchart:
    Do you hate everyone? YES -> Vote Tory

    Do you hate poor people? YES -> Vote Lib Dems (if you can find any)

    Do you hate politics? YES -> Vote Labour

    Do you hate Catholics? YES -> Vote DUP

    Do you hate England? YES -> Vote SF / PC / SNP (delete as appropriate)

    Do you hate trans people YES -> Don't bother voting, you'll get on BBC Newsnight anyway

    there's nothing here, sorry.
  10. Bangs head against wall.

  11. I know this was posted for a kii, but Scottish nationalism isn’t anti-English. It’s about self-determination.
  12. Keith being more popular with Lib Dem voters than Labour voters is the most damning statistic nn
  13. LTG


    He’s got Big Lib Dem Energy, but at least they support decriminalisation of cannabis.
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  14. stoppp fndnsn
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  15. As a Plaid voter I miss Leanne as leader. I have come around to the good sis Adam Price though
  16. At this point, the best thing Labour could do is split into two separate parties. It’s very obvious that Labour supporters sit at two very different points of the political spectrum and remaining as one isn’t working.

    As for what Labour needs to do to get into power? Fuck knows. People consistently discuss Starmer’s failures to provide an effective opposition, often without providing any ideas as to what they would like to see instead, whilst also forgetting that somehow this government *still* isn’t all that unpopular. I’m not convinced by that being loudly against this government would entice voters which admittedly is completely astonishing.

    If more than 100,000 people dying due to government incompetence isn’t enough to put people off of voting for the Conservatives, then I highly doubt a more vocal, anti-Tory opposition leader will make much difference.

    Starmer is drab, uninspired, and mundane - the leadership election was a missed opportunity to redefine what a Labour Party leader looks like.

    It’s time for Labour to have a radical rethink. 2019 was a cataclysmic disaster and it looks set to happen again, except this time it can’t be at least partly pinned on their refusal to back to Brexit. It’ll be interesting to see if they are able to reclaim any seats within the Red Wall, now that Brexit has begun and those areas have been so badly affected by the most ongoing COVID situation.

    As for any Lib-Dem ‘surge’? How utterly pointless, given our voting system would ensure that they were handed a couple dozen seats at best in the House of Commons.

    Is any of this simple? No, of course not. But without some radical new ideas and a different way forward, it’s inevitable the Conservatives will continue to win.
  17. Jesus christ.
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  18. If you looked beyond your own echo chamber, you’d see very often this is the case.

    Also, I’d go as far as to say the general public and the majority of people are entirely unbothered by Starmer.

    Don’t dislike him, don’t like him, don’t think about him. Pretty much irrelevant to their day-to-day thinking.
  19. If you'd look beyond your echo chamber, you'd see very often this isn't the case.

    How you can proclaim one side an echo chamber but ignore that you yourself cannot hold entire perspectives is ignorant. Centrism doesn't mean you're getting all sides girl and you can't invalidate the consistent problems with Keith because you think a few people (without any receipts mind) oppose him for the sake of opposing him. For someone who talks about how not simple this all is, your approach to it is actually extremely simple. Many of us on the left have been arguing for years that Starmer's exact approach now does nothing but appeal to Tory-ism by normalising them and shifting to the right. Starmer's lack of distinctive criticism is allowing the Tories to get away with killing over 100,000 people, just as they did with Austerity.

    For all of Corbyn's faults, which is a pointless discussion getting into again as you've already made your play about it being a disaster and you won't hear otherwise, we've also constantly proven that his policies were popular with the wider public and the collapse in Labour's membership and values as it turns to rich donors to keep it going proves that too.
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