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UK Politics: Misery, The Sequel

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by bestinase, Jul 21, 2020.

  1. Oh hun, just because you have the time and energy to funnel your hatred into hating Starmer, doesn’t mean everyone does. Personally, I don’t care about him one way or the other. It’s obvious he’s too scared to be decisive and doesn’t really know how he wants to win the support of the public. Combined with his disinterest in taking Labour down a more progressive path, all in all I’m very indifferent to him. He’s the best of a bad bunch, put simply.

    As for receipts, frankly I don’t owe you any receipts. You don’t have to look to hard on Twitter to find people who criticise him on the daily yet offer to ideas as to what they consider would be a better alternative. Obviously, there are people who do, which is far more interesting and valuable for all involved.

    I think you massively over estimate how many people actually pay attention to what is happening within politics in general, let alone what the leader of the opposition is saying. At best, they may see a headline on a newspaper or a small clip on breakfast news.

    As Brexit demonstrated, people are very happy and comfortable voting on a single issue, irrespective of how they may actually affect them. People have always voted based on what is personally affecting them or what emotionally resonates with them. I highly doubt the vast majority of people would change their vote based on what Keir Starmer says during PMQs or a strongly worded think piece in The Guardian.

    And you say that the Conservatives were to allowed to get away with austerity without criticism? Surely not, seen as it was something Corbyn was very vocally against?

    Whether or not Corbyn’s policies were popular, doesn’t change the result he delivered as leader in the 2019 election. It’s frankly bizarre he was allowed to carry on as leader after leading the party to a defeat in 2017.

    It’s seemingly very easy to overlook the fact that Starmer was elected by Labour Party members. Obviously enough people within the party backed his ideas at the time and him as leader. Again, this just reinforces the fact that Labour is too divided to continue as a single entity.
  2. Y'all hear somethin?
  3. Cute how someone so capable of holding an ‘entire perspective’ can’t even finish a debate.
  4. I ain't holding a debate with Alfie Deyes.
  5. LTG


    We’ve seen Keith’s faction of the party would prefer to lose an election if they can stay in power in the party. Their boring managerialism isn’t going to win any elections.

    Considering the biggest vote share Labour won since 2001 was Corbyn in 2017, we need to look at what went right then. The Labour to Win/Labour First/Progress gang think 1997 just needs to be recreated. They’ll probably even tire of Starmer soon and agitate to get rid of him just like they tried with Brown, Miliband and Corbyn.
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  6. LTG


    Also, Starmer should call his hard centrist trolls off. His silence is deafening and he’s causing such negativity.

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  7. Keith is both evil and stupid, that's the be and end all. No spine, no service and a desperate play for 'red wall voters'. The same man who won't call for Hancock's resignation because its not what the people want who also fires his education secretary in the middle of a pandemic, strikes the former leader and progressive figurehead from the party and gags Labour members around the country who want to debate it.
  8. Yeah, when you lay it out chronologically it's quite astounding:

    1. Corbyn, with a divisive but clear Brexit policy, delivers Labour's biggest vote share in 16 years.

    2. Corbyn runs again but with one main difference in policy: a vague and unclear Brexit policy designed to placate and "unify" the voting block

    3. Labour haemorrhages 2.6m voters

    4. The Lib Dems, Greens, and SNP, parties with divisive and clear Brexit policies, gain 1.9m voters.

    5. ???

    6. "We need to be less divisive and more vague" — Keir Starmer, probably.
  9. Piers Morgan has been delivering better opposition this entire time.

    But you know, what does he want Starmer to actually do.
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  10. UK Government: "Here are the details on the second of five parts in our four-step plan."
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  11. Why do they need a 'roadmap out of lockdown'? Didn't they make a tier system for that very reason?
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  12. Stalling tactics while they think of some more BS to give us.
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  13. Douglas Adams would be proud.
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  14. Meanwhile in The Labour Party:
  15. LTG


    If there has to be a split in Labour, which is deadly under FPTP anyway, the right wing who don’t want to be the political wing of organised labour mustn’t be allowed the name.
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    When you have morons like this that don’t even understand what the party is supposed to be for

  17. There's a joke here about both his name and his understanding of the party he supports being false advertising but my brain is in shock from trying to process his tweets, so imma go to sleep instead.
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    Too worried the socialist was going to win the selection, you retract everyone’s nomination. Ballot papers were supposed to go out the day the selection was paused. Imagine the pages of talking about Stalinist purges if this was happening under Corbyn.

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  19. I honestly don't understand. What a fucking shambles.
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  20. LTG


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