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UK Politics: Misery, The Sequel

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by bestinase, Jul 21, 2020.

  1. Kier acts more like a Tory plant with each passing day.
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  2. He really is as spineless as Cameron isn't he?
  3. Spineless, apart from when punching down, it would seem.

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  4. Again, much like the pig fucker.
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  5. The amount of people claiming to be ‘done’ with the SNP since Nicola didn’t announce a long term goal is worrying. Not just Union Jack Twitter but people who I’d usually consider to be on the more sane side of the spectrum.
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  6. I think she’s being very clever and saving the really good news for closer to the election.

  7. It's almost like every time Keith appears his numbers plummet. It's almost like we said this would happen with the media bias against Labour anyway. It'd almost like we argued that the popular values Corbyn introduced were the answer.
  8. Keith has to go. He has to go. We can't afford to lose another election.
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  9. Whoever on here said Keith is suffering from Jo Swinson syndrome (the more often people see him, the less they like him) was spot on nn
  10. I think it's worse than that. I think he's approaching Theresa May levels.
  11. Scream, this is so true. I was so open to supporting him a year ago but jesus, he needs to go.
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  12. All Keith cares about is winning back the red wall voters. Not the good of the country. He’s genuinely awful.
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  13. The people that Keef is alienating are the people who come election time, hand out leaflets, talk to people in the streets and knock on doors. Without that, Labour are nothing.
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  14. LTG


    And he’s not even going to do that. Labour’s vote in those seats has been reducing gradually every year since the 90s. 2017 stemmed the tide a little, but Brexit fucked it in 2019. Keith is more boring than Ed Miliband and at least you felt Ed had some ideals that were being repressed, so he’s not going to do anything.
  15. SBK


    Its really depressing isn't it.

    Boris and the Tory's bungled their way through the pandemic to 150k deaths, and who knows how many collatral deaths due to undiagnosed cancers etc, profiteering, looking after their rich mates, yet still Labour can't even get near them in the polls.

    Keir needs to get out of the way and give someone else a shot before the next election, he's got no chance of any kind of success. Could Angela Rayner turn things around?
  16. At least Jo Swinson had conviction. When she said she was going to nuke the planet, I felt that.
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  17. Keir Starmer: Right now is the best that things can get, so why make any changes at all?
  18. His donors told him not to.
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