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UK Politics: Misery, The Sequel

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by bestinase, Jul 21, 2020.

  1. not if you live in Hartlepool!

    the way TERFs are just part of every political party (except maybe the Lib Dems?!) is so utterly depressing
  2. Oh FFS. Yeah at this point I wouldn’t be surprised if there are a few hiding in the Lib Dems too. I feel so politically lost.
  3. Yesss
  4. Looking at past results for Hartlepoole and it's interesting how Labour has consistently earned about 15-16k votes and the only exception was 2017 when it shot up lay like 7k. Wonder what lessons Labour could learn from that???
  5. LTG


    Shame the Green Party have been saying left wingers who are leaving Labour are antisemites, even though many of them had voted Green before Corbyn.

    And the Greens’ co-leader has had his own racism issues, like attacking Muslims about halal meat.
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  6. On the same day Keith posts the video on the homophones Church

  7. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    "Vagina-only carriages"... I just-

    Do these people genuinely not realise how awful this will be for any cis woman who doesn't fit some imagined ideal of femininity, in addition to harming the trans women they're so bothered about? Do they genuinely want any woman to be asked whether they have a vagina when they're just minding their business on a train?
  8. There' nothing racist about a vegan/vegetarian raising concerns about the way a large proportion of kosher/halal animals are killed. Just because something is a minority religious ritual does not make it automatically OK.
  9. LTG


    Bartley called for a ban on halal meat only, didn’t mention kosher or any other form of slaughter, which is a racist dogwhistle.
  10. It's literally the same argument over and over.

    "Trans women shouldn't be allowed in female spaces."

    "But how do you police that? Genital inspections before you're allowed to pee?"

    "No, obviously not. If someone spots a trans woman they can call the manager."

    "And what's the manager gonna do? Genital inspection?"


    Worms for brains.
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  11. The people in the pressure groups don't. They're 100% focused on making lives worse for people and not giving a shit about the consequences other than hating trans people.
    However, their financial backers and lawyers certainly do know that and it's a part of their plan.

    And if you should ask: "And how do you spot if someone is trans or cis?"

    You usually are met with:
    [apoplectic rage at the usage of 'cis']
    [incoherent screaming]
    ",it,it looks like it's not trying to be a woman / is trying too hard to look like a woman"
    Note the use of dehumanising language at any opportunity.

    Then note that they really don't have a clue what they're talking about. Which is why every time they get to court they get thrown out the door. However, most of the public also doesn't have a clue, so they fall into the trap of hearing something enough times and believing it.
  12. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    I once made the mistake of getting into an argument with a TERF on this subject and it turned out that she essentially thought any trans person who was capable of passing was an outlier and that the overwhelming majority of trans people looked obviously trans - i.e. trans women overwhelmingly look like big hairy men in a dress.

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  13. The things is you can't even police is by whether someone "passes" because their rule would make trans men use the women's room. I've pointed out before that under their rule, I, a cis man, could enter the women's bathroom if I really wanted to and if I was challenged, I could just say "I was born a woman" and there's nothing anyone could do to stop me. It would only allow the thing they say they want to prevent.

    They don't like that logic though. I once made the mistake of arguing with a TERF and I pointed it out and she said trans men should just use the mens room. Her whole argument was how dangerous is it for people with vaginas to share bathrooms with people with penises, so when I asked how you would protect said trans men from being attacked or raped (according to her crazy fantasyland, anyway) and her response was literally "I don't really care about that."

    Then when I told her I wouldn't respond further because I won't speak to someone who "doesn't care" if a people get raped she got really pissed and it's like dude don't get mad at me, look in a mirror and ask yourself why you're veering into such rape-apologetic-y beliefs.

    I've never known any belief system with such flimsy logic that you can completely disprove it in about three sentences become so widespread, honestly.

    Also my arguments with TERFs have always gotten racial much more often than any other non-race related issue which is like yiiiiikes. I've repeatedly been sent collages of like 20 or so black m̶e̶n̶ people with captions like "do you want these changing in the same room as your daughter" and it's like oh my god Sharon take a breath and look at yourfuckingself.

    Edit: as I read that back I realise that since the images I refer to are (according to the TERFs) trans women before or during transition, I may have misgendered people in that last paragraph so I corrected it but wanna make it clear they were all masculine-presenting in appearance in the photos to contribute to the TERFs weird points and push their non-representive opinion of what trans women look like.
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  14. Nice to see them admit to being racist pieces of shit too.
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  15. I really think that's something we need to start taking more seriously. My roommate has a friend who's become a TERF over the past couple of years and until recently she would still defend her (she's completely in favour of trans rights, she's just known this girl for like 15 years) and say yes she's a TERF but at least she's still generally left and switched on for other issues.

    And I kept saying no, being a TERF is nothing short of the stepping stone people take to being bigots of every flavour and soon enough that would become clear. Sure enough, this past summer comes around and her friend is all "I just think black people are taking it too far" re: BLM.

    Long story short no it's not casual stupidity when JK Rowling writes shit like "Cho Chang" or appropriates Native American culture. It's a seed, just like her distrust of men was a seed. One has grown and blossomed, and there's nothing to stop the other doing the same considering the kinds of people TERFs surround themselves with.

  16. What's that word that begins with S???

    There's apparently no doubt over their support of the LGBTQ+ community... even with a TERF actively in the party.

  17. FINALLY.
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  18. Cheryl Gillan has died, triggering a by-election in Chesham and Amersham. It's a Tory safe seat, unfortunately, but the runners up over the years make some interesting reading.

    In 2017, Corbyn delivered this deeply Conservative constituency its biggest vote for Labour in its history. Two years later, the same candidate with the same policies but a more vague Brexit policy haemorrhaged 37% of that vote, while the Lib Dems, the party with the clearest Brexit position doubled theirs.


    But socialism was the problem, apparently.
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  19. Wank stain Keith starmer
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  20. It will be interesting to see if the Northern Independence Party gain any kind of traction and put pressure on Labour.
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