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UK Politics: Misery, The Sequel

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by bestinase, Jul 21, 2020.

  1. The SNP & Scottish Greens are entering voluntary talks on a formal cooperation agreement.
  2. SBK


    Cummings coming out and telling us everything he knows we want to hear, Government ignored early warnings, Boris basically said he'd rather see a pile of dead bodies than stop the economy again etc is all very convenient.

    All the rumours were true, but because it's coming from him, it's hard to take them seriously. Its very "ex-employee slags off ex-employer"
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  3. Yeah these Cummings revelations aren’t going to move the dial at all, I mean if people are dumb enough to still vote Tory after the past year, they’re not going to be put off by this. It’s a cult at this point, people actively voting against their own self interests to somehow own the “woke left”. I mean more healthcare workers voted Tory than Labour at the local elections, despite the shitshow from the last year.
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  4. Yep this will change nothing in the grand scheme of things and the Tories will only get more support if they really do remove all social distancing restrictions come June 21st
  5. Yeah, no consequences as ever, because...

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  6. This might be one of the wildest days for UK politics I've ever known.

  7. "Who do we not save?"
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  8. I’m speechless
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  9. The way that I can picture a multitude of ways that The Gammon would try to defend what’s written on that white board (probably followed by insulting Jeremy Corbyn).
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  10. It was also clear who Cummings was there to bring down and who he was there to protect and prop up. Not once did he drag Gove or Sunak into this when it was reported that Sunak was the one who refused point blank to allow a circuit breaker lockdown back in the autumn and I’m sure he was also someone who would have been a key player in making awful decisions throughout the year as well. This is all a game to Cummings.
  11. SBK


    150k people died probably because the government were slow and callous with their reaction to the pandemic.

    UK Media: BUT JEREMY CORBYN.....
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  12. Why is the penmanship so fucking poor? Chicken scratchings nonsense!
  13. LTG


    Stig Abell was editor at the Sun when Katie Hopkins wrote the cockroaches article. He can go fuck himself before trying to wave away 150k deaths.
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  14. Tim Martin coming out today saying that we need EU immigration is just...I don't even know. Infuriating. Funny if it wasn't so tragic. Brexit really is the disaster that keeps on giving.
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  15. The ongoing discussion around schools at the moment is infuriating me and I just need to vent in here as this is the only place where it’s socially acceptable to say that I wish Boris and the whole lot of them would just drop dead.

    That’s all.
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  16. Twitter today:

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  17. LTG


    If we get reduced standards but some kind of deal in the next couple of years that lets precarious workers come to the UK, I feel that’s exactly the Brexit Martin voted for.

  18. Although support still certainly collapsed from 2017, Labour still carried the working class vote... so I guess we know why Keith is chasing pensioners.
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