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UK Politics: Misery, The Sequel

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by bestinase, Jul 21, 2020.

  1. Imagine giving a shit about being made a Lord though. Who are these people?
  2. LTG


    You get a vote on every single British law made for the rest of your life.
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  3. VILE.

    Honestly my blood BOILS that this woman is part of the Labour Party and is regularly liking transphobic tweets, including the evil LGB alliance.
  4. Does anyone have any sympathy for the Brits forced to quarantine upon their return from Portugal?

    Sure the government has fucked up once again but nobody forced them to go on holiday at the earliest possible opportunity during a global pandemic.
  5. A friend went home to see his Mum for the first time in a year so yeah, I do have some sympathy for him having to take unpaid time off now to quarantine because these morons can’t keep to any decision about anything ever.
  6. Depends. People like @Jamie friend - absolutely.

    But reading stories on BBC News of parents moaning about their children now missing school due to quarantine (as they take them out of school to go on holiday). Worms for brains.
  7. I guess… yes I do have sympathy for people making decisions that they’re told are okay at the time, only for those decisions to later cost them much more than they thought.

    But at the same time, I also see the public health arguments for the changes. It’s almost like it’s a more complex issue than one where we can just decide whether people are good or bad*.

    *Except for the Tories. They are always bad.
  8. Yeah I have a lot of sympathy for people visiting family, but in my head I don’t really consider them to be part of the same crowd as the people on ‘holiday’.

    But yeah poor choice of words, I’m just sick of the entitlement and maybe spent a little too much time on Twitter tonight.
  9. I mean self-isolating for 10 days isn't the end of the world assuming you work from home, but I do think they should have their day 2 and day 8 tests reimbursed.
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  10. SBK


    I feel for people that *had* to travel. Those who dashed off just because they could afford to and ""needed"" it, whatever... They knew this could happen...

    The government system is a joke. Don't go to red or amber countries...? Why do we need amber if its no go like red list countries?
    They're being purposely vague making it more complicated than it needs to be.

    Also if Portugal is so risky now, why are you giving people 6 days to get back without having to quarantine? Surely irs more sensible to implement it right away to avoid people rushing back and not quarantining spreading it further.
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  11. What's frustrating is that Covid cases in Portugal when adjusted for population is substantially lower than the UK. And many people did the right thing by waiting for Portugal to be green listed.
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  12. Reminder that Dominic Cummings was on national TV exposing the ineptitude of the government just a week or so ago. It is not cutting through. Where is the opposition????
  13. On Piers Morgan's Life Stories.
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  14. Imagine being too racist for even the Telegraph

  15. “Upwards”, sure Jan. I’m sure GB News awaits.
  16. I just saw what she tweeted. I literally can't...
  17. This really comes to mind regarding Julie.

  18. Wait, what's going on with second doses? I thought it was a whole thing that they were bringing the wait down from 12 weeks to 8, but I've just booked my appointments and I'm getting my second dose 11 weeks after my first?
  19. The reduction of an 11-12 weeks gap down to 8 weeks for the second dose is only for ages 40+ and those with underlying conditions, so far at least. Remains to be seen if they change this for all age groups.
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