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UK Politics: Misery, The Sequel

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by bestinase, Jul 21, 2020.

  1. I think it depends. I’m 27 and mine is booked in for 8 weeks after my first, but since I went to a walk in clinic I didn’t book via the NHS website but via my local authorities booking system instead whilst I was in the recovery room directly after having my first jab.
  2. Ah, yes it does seem to be different if it’s not via the NHS website. I’d happily have mine earlier than the 10th of August which is when it’s currently booked for, so here’s hoping the policy changes across the board.
  3. Honestly the fact that a photo of the queen has been the main story on Morning TV shows and right wing rags really shows just how fucked this country is.
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  4. Maya Forstater won her appeal. The TERFs are rejoicing.

    The ruling states that
    Seems like they missed this part due to the hate and bile being spread online right now. Honestly makes me sick to see it normalised and approved as a philosophical belief rather than hate speech which it ultimately leads to.
  5. If I understand it correctly, it just means that she has the permission to take it to a tribunal now, which doesn't mean that her freedom of speech overrides someone else's freedom to not be harassed in the workplace.

    But of course, that doesn't fit with the "trans women will steal your dog and eat your house" politically correct narrative that we have now.
  6. There’s a good thread here about what this does & doesn’t mean.

    BBC News misleading people with their headline here, to no surprise (doesn’t show up on here for me but on Twitter the headline reads as ‘Maya Forstater: Woman wins tribunal appeal over transgender tweet.’).

    She made hundreds of transphobic tweets, I remember seeing some calculations that suggested she was essentially making them all day long, deliberately to create friction with her employer so she could play the victim.

    This makes it sound like she was fired over a single tweet which just isn’t true but fits the narrative that trans people have so much power they can do such.
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  7. Her tweets referring to trans people as ‘blackface actors’ go beyond transphobic anyways. They were targeted harassment that even without a protected characteristic would have been grounds for dismissal due to their level of aggression

  8. The Labour Party are not a safe space for LGBTQ+ voters. End of.
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  9. GB News is hilariously low budget. Kinda living for Dan Wootton having a nightly outlet to show off just how odious and bad at journalism he is.
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  10. I came here to post this. I don't want to give them the viewing figures but the dodgy sets, audio that doesn't sync, lack of researchers and their refusal to use clips of the England game because they can't afford it sounds hilarious. Who decided a black set was a good idea!? I honestly thought this would be well funded by dodgy interests but it just looks like the Brexiteers had a whip round.
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  11. I just sought it out on YouTube and yikes it looks like it's recorded in someone's basement... But also I was logged out and couldn't be bothered to log in so I got ads and honestly the fact that every ad before a GB News video was of some guy in a button-up telling me how I can build my property portfolio/get rich quick with 3 easy steps/start trading stock today is an equal-parts hilarious and heartbreaking window in the kind of people watching this network.

    It's really all about convincing someone they're just on the cusp of greatness and just about to achieve everything they ever dreamed of. Convince someone of that and they'll believe literally any lie you tell them next.

    "You're special and you would be accomplishing such big things right now, except you're white and affirmative action is squeezing you out."

    "You're special and you would be accomplishing such big things right now, except they gave it to your Polish neighbour first."

    "You're special and you would be accomplishing such big things right now, except there's this group of jews elites and bureaucrats conspiring to keep you down."

    "You're special and you would be accomplishing such big things right now, except feminism has taken women away from you."
  12. The Guardian review seemed weirdly fixated on the question of why Piers Morgan isn't on it, when the screamingly obvious reason is that they couldn't afford him.

    Anyway - I'm sure the cheap sets and general amateurishness are all very funny but it'll be a frosty day in hell before it gets a nanosecond of my time.
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  13. Isn’t there another network like it from Murdoch also launching soon?
  14. LTG


    Yeah they’re planning News UK TV but it’s not going to have a slot on TV and will just be streaming.
  15. Oh, okay.
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  16. The government is painting this Australia deal as an historic achievement for the UK, but it doesn't sound that radical to me.

    Australia's food quality and animal welfare laws are not as good as the current standards in the UK -


    And then UK citizens will be allowed to go to Australia on a working holiday visa while aged 35 and under for up to 3 years. France and Ireland have already had this agreement with Australia for years, so not quite sure why it's painted as some victory the UK couldn't have done while in the EU. Usually these working holiday visa arrangements are reciprocal, so I wonder why Australia didn't push for the age increase for their own citizens?
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  17. Imagine trying to seriously pass off an annual household saving of £1.22 as anything other than embarrassing / completely irrelevant.
  18. Just how big is prison paul's mum's house If that's there too?
    If I remember, it was 31 / 2 years before, but maybe that was New Zealand, so some people may benefit.
  19. Currently a British citizen aged 30 and under can spend 2 years in Australia on the working holiday visa. With this agreement, the age limit will go up to 35 with a potential third year if certain conditions are met during the second year.

    The point though is that you don't need a trade deal to improve the working holiday program, Canada, France, and Ireland already have this specific agreement with Australia. It's being framed as a trade deal that couldn't have been done while shackled under the oppressive EU system, but the good parts of it they definitely could have.
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