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UK Politics: Misery, The Sequel

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by bestinase, Jul 21, 2020.

  1. Obviously Kieth is useless and the Lib Dems are a bunch of useless centrists.

    But this looks to me, considering the margin of victory, this looks like a victory for tactical voting above all else. . . and I'm here for it.
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  2. Surprised Lib Dems won Chesham/Amersham. I went to college near there and it always seemed like Poshville.

    Elsewhere: Explosive cum, eh?

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  3. LTG


    4% still voted for the Greens. This is a historic low for Labour in a by-election since at least 1918, so it’s not just a sudden turn to tactical voting.
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  4. Still hate Cummings but I do stan his new career as a chaos gremlin
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  5. LTG


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  6. K94



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  7. The big issues in this by-election seemed to be the Tories going ahead with HS2 and building new houses, which threatens to lower house prices, so the Lib Dems pretty much ran as a voice for the NIMBYs in this seat.
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  8. This country is something else. Truly.
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  9. I live in a similar constituency to C&A. Nimbyism is rife (although the same people decry the fact that their kids can't afford a house. Yeah I know!?!?), but the traditional Tories really don't like Boris Johnson.

    They held their nose in 2019 to get Brexit through, and because Corbyn was so unpalatable to them.

    But Corbyn ain't there anymore, Brexit effects will only get worse, and more Londoners are moving out to the suburbs.

    I wouldn't be surprised if this is the start of a trend to the North, West and South of the capital (I think East of London will get even more blue). Home Counties Tories are very different to the new 'Red Wall' Tories. And if they feel like they're being taken for granted (sound familiar?) - they'll soon move to the party who they think has the best chance of beating the Tory.
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  10. SBK



    Seems like this ~period of rebuilding~ is starting off by demolishing the entire (broad) church
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  11. LTG


  12. LTG


    Omggg. I think she’s probably our best chance of having a left-ish leader but this is iconically bad. Don’t lie about things there’s video evidence for. You’re not a Tory so can’t get away with that.
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  13. What an absolute shitshow of a government we have here in Northern Ireland…..


  15. UK politics and our MSM belong in the seventh layer of hell. Starker literally feels like a Tory plant to keep them in power.

  16. Yeah Keith lied to get the position.

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  17. Let me go find a photo of Vlad Putin too.
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  18. LTG


    One of the few times he didn’t lie:

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  19. £2 a day to use data in Europe. Brexit is really the gift that keeps on giving.
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