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UK Preview Party - Shadow Lounge, London May 2nd

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by steved, Apr 8, 2010.

  1. Hi

    Just booked my ticket to this. Is anyone else going?

    Niamh Kavanagh and Hera Bjork are the first confirmed performers. Should be brilliant! Apparently there will be opportunities to meet the performers too.

    Steve x
  2. Sounds promising. SL is a small venue though.
  3. I went to the two previous ones and I'd love to go to this one.

    However it would mean missing too much revision time, plus I'd have to find somewhere to stay/rope in some London friends and get them to go too and pay to get to london, which is just ridiculous at the moment if you want to travel at a reasonable time.


    It's just not happening this year, although I hope it's a success, as I'd like to go next year.
  4. it's sold out after less than a week. They should've booked a bigger venue. And yet they're still adding acts to the line up!
  5. Head over heels when the original line-up was announced because it featured my 2 fave entries: Niamh Kavanagh (Ireland) and Hera Bjork (Iceland). I think Hera's had to pull out because of the Icelandic volcano cancelling flights out of Iceland. But the UK's Josh, Paula and Ovi from Romania and Jonn, whose Welsh I think but representing Cyprus, have been added.

    Looking forward to it. The first 2 were rather legendary nights out!
  6. It was a great night. Niamh was the star of the show and the disco remix of It's For You was also premiered. Cyprus were surprisngly good (Jonn's band played live!), Josh OK and Romania oddly weak: Ovi's mike seemed to be turned right down and Paula was in full-on screech mode.
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