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UK Top 200 Best Selling Female Solo Hits Of The 80s

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by gezza76, Jul 18, 2021.

  1. Biased of course, but love how out of the various new pop gals of 1988, Kylie was the one who has lasted the longest.
  2. Of course you would say that! I should change my name to @WhatKindOfTiffany?...
  3. If you wish!
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  4. "@RadioRomance" surely?
  5. That's actually a great username!
  6. I wish the correct single/video mix of I Think We're Alone Now, was on digital/streaming. Silly it's not really.
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  7. Time for my 6 monthly post on the subject in the Tiffany thread!

  8. Not even able to buy it physically either, I believe?
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  9. It's only on the 12" vinyl, never been on CD.
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  10. Madness!
  11. Or "Tiff's Fanny", in honour of her playboy shoot.
  12. Thankfully I have never seen that! I would rather remember her in her oversized jumpers.
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  13. She did it to "Shock your Mama" right?
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  14. Kelly Marie surely?
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  15. All time legend.
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  16. Feels like I'm in love
    Loving just for fun
    Hot love

    What a trio of hit singles!
  17. Loving Just For Fun is a very underrated follow-up!
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  18. Those bagpipes are such a tease on "Hot love"!
  19. 20. WHAT’S LOVE GOT TO DO WITH IT?- Tina Turner (#3, 1984, 871,000)


    80s position: 30

    Now so associated with Turner it may be a surprise to discover that this was offered to none other than Cliff Richard first who refused it. Next up a newly reformed Bucks Fizz who recorded it with a male vocal and that was planned to be released on their latest album in late 84, too late I’m afraid as Turner’s version trumped them by issuing in the summer of that year, and so plans to include it were dropped by the band. In the US it became her only chart topper, making her (until Cher in 99) the oldest solo female ever to have a US chart topper.



    12" Mix
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  20. 19. FEELS LIKE I’M IN LOVE- Kelly Marie (#1, 1980, 899,000)


    80s position: 5

    This is a song intended for Elvis himself but he died before it could be presented to him by Raymond Dorset (of Mungo Jerry fame). It took a while to finally take off and it was widely derided at the time of release it didn’t stop the record buying public from forking out on this track and delivering up a No 1, it’s either one of pop’s most awful moments or a guilty pleasure depending on your viewpoint. Anyway it slides out of the top 5 80s female hits proving less popular in the digital age than most



    12" Mix
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