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UK Top 200 Best Selling Female Solo Hits Of The 80s

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by gezza76, Jul 18, 2021.

  1. Nothing guilty about my love for Feels Like I'm In Love, particularly the 90s PWL remix

    Boom boom!
  2. As if the original wasn't good enough, this is amazing!
  3. I will always prefer the original as the 10 year old me was watching it climb the charts in the Summer of 1980 - to be dethroned by The Police!
    "Feels like I'm in love" is a guilty pleasure classic! The third best selling in the UK of 1980!
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  4. So nice to see Tina and What's Love Got To Do With it very high. Ageless legend, timeless song.
  5. I like the original but it was just before my time chart wise, whereas the regional homosexual nitespot I frequented in the 90s used to hammer the PWL remix so that's always been the version I've loved.
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  6. 18. SAVING ALL MY LOVE FOR YOU- Whitney Houston (#1, 1985, 902,000)


    80s position: 16

    The hit that broke Whitney in the UK did so in style topping the charts for a fortnight in 1985. This is a cover the 1979 track by Marilyn McCoo & Billy Davis Jnr which Houston’s mother Cissy was unwilling for her daughter to sing given its theme of adultery. Thankfully she was convinced eventually and this was the first of 7 straight no 1’s in the US for her, all of which is impressive by anyone’s standards. Whitney has done well generally in the list due to her early death I suspect which has caused a general reappraisal of her early work.



    No 12" Mix
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  7. My boyfriend and I, share separate opinions on this one. I'm in the like camp, and he's not shall we say.
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  8. What's not to like?!
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  9. 17. CHAIN REACTION- Diana Ross (#1, 1986, 922,000)


    80s position: 13

    What The Bee Gees had done for Dionne Warwick and Barbra Streisand in the early 80s so too they did for Ross in 86 (admittedly in the UK alone), and returned her to the big time (although they were hesitant to offer it fearing it was too “Motown-esque”). Again on backing vocals they gave Ross her second solo UK chart topper 15 years after the first “I’m Still Waiting”, and to the top 10 where she had been absent for 4 years. The song made it back to the top 20 in 1993 as part promotion for her greatest hits album, and used for the same purpose for Steps who took it to No 2 in 2001. This is the best selling single by a female soloists in 1986 as the year becomes the first one to leave the survey!



    12" Mix
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  10. Chain Reaction, really is one of those overplayed 80s classics, that never loses it's magic somehow. Genius song, let's hope it can pass the million mark very soon too!
  11. Chain Reaction is one of the earliest songs I can remember really loving. Iconic video too.


    The OG diva.
  12. Ms Ross, never gets the respect she deserves at times I think. THE original female solo artist and music diva and then some.
  13. Chain Reaction is pure filth.
  14. Would now be a good time to mention that the Steps version of Chain Reaction is the definitive one for me? Thought not. I'll see myself out...
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  15. To fair, Claire's high notes at the very end are everything.
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  16. Claire's ad libs at the end of Chain Reaction are a thing of wonder.
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  17. Indeed they are-still Ms Ross's song through and through though.
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  18. File alongside:
    Your love is king
    Love resurrection

    It makes "Sugar Walls" sound so innocent!
  19. Chain Reaction is such a bop.
  20. I see no lies.
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