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UK Top 200 Best Selling Female Solo Hits Of The 80s

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by gezza76, Jul 18, 2021.

  1. Quite a surprise there for Woman In Love, at least I think so.
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  2. Tell Him (Celine and Babs) came on shuffle the other day in the car…. I managed half the song, it’s more dull than I remembered it. I’m sorry I just don’t get the appeal of Streisand. I don’t hate Woman In Love but for it to be almost the biggest female hit of the 80s a decade of Madonna, Cyndi, Whitney, Janet and Kylie…. I find that disappointing.
  3. Singles sales were higher at the start of the decade, I guess.
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  4. Fixed that for you!
  5. Sssh! My partner loves Babs but I can't stand her!
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  6. Yeah, I’ve never understood the appeal of Barbra either, not my cup of tea. Though Woman In Love is quite good, to be fair that and Memory are probably the only songs of hers I could name…
  7. These are my favourite Barbra related things:

  8. 06. GIRLS JUST WANNA HAVE FUN- Cyndi Lauper (#2, 1984, 1,207,000)


    80s position: 42

    Considering that this is now a something of feminist/ girls night out record it may surprise some to know that not only is it is a cover (the original by Robert Hazard) but that it was also written from the male perspective. A re-writing of some verses by Lauper transformed it into the version that became famous and hit No 2 in early 1984 and remains her biggest seller ever. It was re-recorded with a reggae feel in 1994 and made the top 10 all over again (not to mention the Lolly cover in 2000). Note: this is not including the 1994 version in case you wondered, and despite that we hit the double platinum mark!



    12" Mix
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  9. Are we ready for a new entry?
  10. Wow. The remake sold rather well from memory (probably over 300k?) so with those sales included that’s 1.5 million for this bop!
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  11. Presumably it will be really obvious when you post it but I can’t think what it is. Unless there is another Stevie Nicks or Kate Bush track I’ve forgotten!
  12. I'd forgotten Girls.. was a cover of a bloke's song. But yes, it's all coming back to me now.

    In related news, I like Hey Now more these days than I did in 1994, apparently.
  13. It was an inspired decision. I (re)discovered Cyndi through that single and Twelve Deadly Cyns. It made me a fan.
  14. I broke my "wait for a sale" rule in 94 to get Twelve Deadly Cyns the week of release, as I wanted The World Is Stone on CD, and the edit of What's Going On.
  15. 05. 9 TO 5- Dolly Parton (#47, 1981, 1,228,000)


    80s position: N/A

    Ladies and Gentleman our highest new entry on the list- can you believe this petered out at No 47 on release in 1981? We’ve put that right since with over a million copies shifted in the digital age and still looking like it will climb even higher. It was written for the film of the same title which was Parton’s first appearance on the big screen, it topped the US charts and has returned to our charts since 2007 albeit at a lowly position.



    No 12" Mix
  16. Of course!

    I can’t believe this was only a UK #47. It was actually well known over here though did it get lots of airplay or some notoriety soon afterwards? I remember it well and I was only very young. This and Physical by Olivia Newton John felt like classics already in the 80s.
  17. Great stuff for Dolly there! Talk about a surprise.
  18. Love a bit of Dolly! It's one of those perennial 80s songs that you can't believe wasn't a big hit - see also Michael Sembello's Maniac and Journey's Don't Stop Believin'.
  19. I should have guessed this. Flop chart archivist.
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  20. Back in March 1981 we were showing love for Kim Wilde, Toyah, Sheena Easton and Hazel O'Connor. Dolly Parton was unlucky to be charting in March 1981. If the single had been released in the summer of 1981 after fellow American Kim Carnes had a UK Top 10 hit with "Bette Davis eyes", I'm sure it would have done better...!
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