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UK Top 200 Best Selling Female Solo Hits Of The 80s

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by gezza76, Jul 18, 2021.

  1. Re point 1 above. Sad to have lost Donna, Whitney, Laura and Aretha but I think we are lucky to still have most of these 80s ladies with us. I think an equivalent list for 80s men will have been pretty decimated: MJ, George, Prince, Bowie all gone.

    Speaking of which is there any chance of a male 80s list? or is than just a step too far for Popjustice!?
  2. Thanks to this thread and the Retrochart I have discovered Ring Of Ice by Jennifer Rush. I’ve never really thought to listen to any of her other songs. Looks like she initially had some success in Germany where this was released in Sept/Oct 1984 but then re-released and became a hit in 1986 after The Power Of Love.

    Does anyone know if this video was made in 84 or for the later reissue? I never knew she could bop. I quite like this!

  3. You'll all do anything to see Michael Davidson appear in a thread!
  4. Total tune!!
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  5. It would be a best selling thread remember!
  6. I'll look forward to a double shot of Johnny Logan then!
  7. I would have thought Glenn Medeiros was more your thing!

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  8. Nothing's Gonna Change My Hate For Him...
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  9. If you think that bops try these

    They slap, as the young people say! Having only known Jennifer Rush for The Power of Love for so long, I was amazed how many bops she has when I dug a bit deeper.
  10. Yes and thanks almost exclusively to @idratherjack streaming it is now on a half a million "sold"
  11. More than "Best thing ever"?
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  12. My fave Jennifer Rush bop

    Very Flashdance/Footlose-esque. I once saw German short film on TV about two little girls in 80's East Berlin who do a dance number to this song at a local talent show and a small commotion ensues when suddenly a jingle from a radio of the West side comes up (as they taped the song from there). Sadly I didn't catch the beginning so I never learned the title of that film.
  13. Someone might correct me but I believe this is for the reissue. I think this one is for the original 84 version (it has a different intro):

    My fave bop though is this one (it even has sailors!):
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  14. Never heard Love Get Ready before, it's great! I love how this thread has become the Jennifer Rush bops appreciation thread. What a voice she had.
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  15. Thanks! Clearly a much lower budget for the 84 video. It’s no surprise. I imagine having the biggest selling single of 1985 in the UK prompted a bit of spending on a new video that didn’t have terrible green screen and a nightmarish clown,
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  16. All this talk of "Ring Of Ice" and "Surrender" made me listen to the album again. Funny how the biggest hit was a ballad when the album is full of some amazing electro dance tracks.

    I've also just discovered her 1989 video for "Higher Ground"

    Before you say "Express Yourself", the 'muscular sweaty guys working in heavy industry' was already done by Meli'sa Morgan back in 1987
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