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UK top 200 singles charts: 1983 onwards

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by ohnoitisnathan, Mar 19, 2022.

  1. Amazing stuff - I've been waiting years for this information!
  2. Oh god. I can feel an update to the Retrocharts coming on!
  3. Calling @Eric Generic to this thread as well!
    Only a few charts have been uploaded so far.
    Highlights for me so far:
    Eddy Grant - Electric Avenue - jumping from outside the top 100 - Number 138 to 22
    Eurythmics - Sweet Dreams - started it's chart life at Number 103
    My mind is being blown by these Top 200 weekly charts!
    Early singles by REM, Five Star and INXS will be the ones to watch for me!
    and did Talking Heads' "Burning down the house" ever chart between 101 - 200 in the summer of 1983?
  4. You mean Love Is A Stranger at #104? Oh I hadn’t realised there were 4 pages already!

    I’m also hoping the thread lasts. Might be some surprises. Early Five Star will be nice to see. It’ll be a long wait to see early Celine Dion though!
  5. Bardo Hang On To Your Heart a #174 smash!

    Billy Joel’s Goodnight Saigon shooting up 196-182.

  6. Oh my word.

    I might be able to expand my Singles Logs a bit more,and do away with those "Extras" playlists where the uncharted dwell.
  7. @cityofdoomsday may well find the link interesting as well - to see all those big US Hits do so badly in the UK chart! We may even discover if The Escape Club's "Wild Wild West" ever made it to the UK Top 200 in 1988!
  8. there is not enough time in my day, all of a sudden
  9. This is making a big difference to my SinglesLogs already, after just a handful of weeks' extra info.

    Who knew Come Dancing was a flop in January. Who knew Shipbuilding took 3-4 months to be a hit...etc etc...
  10. Yay for the love of flops here!

    I'm hoping Shakespear's Sister's 'Break My Heart' made the UK top 200, as it didn't chart anywhere else.

    (now to plug my own site with [never revealed before] Australian chart positions below #100 ddd - . In my most-recent post, Australian-only chart positions for Kelly Marie and The Lightning Seeds are revealed... as well as Eurythmics' In the Garden.)
  11. I don't know why my life should feel more complete knowing Dirty Laundry got to #147, but there you go.
  12. Brainstorming some other things I hope we see landing in the top 200:

    Austin Howard 'I'm the One Who Really Loves You'
    The Belle Stars 'World Domination'
    Morgan McVey 'Looking Good Diving'
    Mandy Smith 'Positive Reaction'
    Mandy Smith 'Boys and Girls'
    Kakko 'What Kind of Fool'
  13. Working for me still.

    This has almost doubled the number of precisely-logged UK chart entries on my Logs for Jan and Feb 1983 already.
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  15. I realise this is a treasure trove of chart stats. However, given how low the sales figures would have been for singles outside the Top 100 and that the pre-chart terminal system meant chart positions were literally being recorded (or manipulated) in a book in the shop that Gallup may or may not have taken into account when compiling that week's chart, presumably these very low chart positions are likely to have been heavily affected by a whole host of factors other than how many copies a single was actually selling nationwide in a given week?
  16. True but they are the best we have!
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  17. I've read the accompanying posts and comments in between these new expanded listings and I'm definitely not a fan of rewriting the past. Even if it means the charts and the memories I have of those charts might not have been as "accurate" as they are now able to be. Not sure exactly how that works, because it's all still pre-barcode and relying on handwritten books in a small section of shops.

    What is the big thing for me about this is the opportunity to get a clearer idea of what other singles were around (beyond those we knew had charted in the top 75/100), and that in turn fills in a few more wonderful jigsaw pieces in the puzzle of it all. Yes we could perhaps guess at some of the singles that came out from known acts (but flopped), by checking through the small print of Music Week's new release schedules, and taking the wikipedia/discogs info into account (unreliable as it is), but to just see these singles by Donald Fagen, Randy Newman, Joni Mitchelll etc actually on a UK chart, tied to a particular week, is huge for me.
  18. It is back working!
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