Ultimate 2000s: Song Justice (Complete)

Which year was the best?

  • 2000

    Votes: 5 15.2%
  • 2001

    Votes: 5 15.2%
  • 2002

    Votes: 3 9.1%
  • 2003

    Votes: 3 9.1%
  • 2004

    Votes: 3 9.1%
  • 2005

    Votes: 2 6.1%
  • 2006

    Votes: 2 6.1%
  • 2007

    Votes: 7 21.2%
  • 2008

    Votes: 1 3.0%
  • 2009

    Votes: 2 6.1%

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Voted By: @beyoncésweave
Year: 2005
Country of Origin: USA

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Voted By: @WowWowWowWow
Year: 2009
Country of Origin: USA

WowWowWowWow Commentary:
Often I feel like Mr. PJ’s commentary is worth reading more than my own; he wrote the following regarding “Battlefield” in May 2009: “Basically it’s a solid 98% on the incredibometer. It’s about wars, fighting, white flags and hostages, with an amazing ‘bettagoangetcherama’ hook two thirds of the way through, some huge, massively overstated ‘BV’ action, crazy adlibs, ‘whoah!’ bits, twinkly pianos, soft rock breakdowns and, if you listen very closely at the 3’27” point, the sound of Ryan Tedder’s kitchen sink being wrenched out of the kitchen, carried through the front door, dragged down the garden path, loaded into a truck, driven to the recording studio then aggressively crowbarred, hammered and smashed into the mixing desk.” Two days later, he called it “the greatest piece of music of all time.” Need I say more?

The R.E.M. song is beautiful (as is BWO's, I was a bit too tired to write anything during the week). All My Friends is a formidable odyssey. Battlefield would probably have made my list if I was making it in 2010 - climax of all climaxes. And after listening to Beauty On The Fire I can only drag my jaw throughout available floors. Some PJ classics in Samantha and Potential Breakup Song feel too early to lose, but we got used to that, I think.
I’ve lost another song, I see! Shape is the most underrated Sugababes single. It’s hard to pick a favourite Sugababes track, but this is the one that really sold the group to me (One Touch wasn’t the easiest pill to swallow for my 13 year old self) and it still has a special place in my heart. I prefer it to both the Craig David track and the Sting original, despite being a semi-cover it still feels distinctly Sugababes and they put a brilliant spin on it. It’s sad and depressing, but stunning. The lyrics also still speak to me 20 (!) years later.
The recently eliminated Conversation’s Over is such a brilliant choice too, 2.0 really nailed those ballads.

Many great picks across the board! Littlest Things, Remedy etc. were quintessential 00s for me. It’s also great to see another showing for Bat For Lashes. Oh, and I still have a soft spot for Bag It Up!

I definitely considered Walking On A Dream for my own list and I’m not really sure why it missed out, because it’s glorious. It’s remarkable how it became so recognisable and feels like such a classic despite a disappointing chart position. Empire Of The Sun and MGMT were a big part of my 2008/2009.

Sanctuary is Gabriella Cilmi’s best track.
Y'all? How can I be the only voter for a PJ classic? @Robsolete is this your revenge for tanking Sometimes?

Except no. I didn't end up voting in the end, because I found it impossible to cut down to 20 songs. My list did have Beauty On The Fire on though, and it was one of the songs that was pretty much guaranteed a place. I know that doesn't mean a great deal now, but the thought was there <3.