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Ultimate Album Justice: Best of the 2010s Edition (9 POINTERS - 8 of 26 revealed)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Ironheade, Dec 31, 2019.

  1. Damn. Love you @nikkysan.
    I think the hardest decision I had to make for this was choosing to vote for Self-Titled or After Laughter. I went with Self-Titled for reason that will be revealed, but I love this album so much. It came out at the tail-end of my junior year of high school, and I was going through a lot of stuff. Relationship issues, cause I was struggling with the long distance situation, continued bullying, trying to move forward in a firendship I thought would never be revived, then being betrayed by that person pretty quickly - though unsurprisingly - as well as fully coming to terms with my sexuality and truly beginning to embrace it, and acknowledging I had been in puppy love with a close friend as a kid, and making myself realize I'd never tell them. Jesus that was a lot, but my point is that a lot of what Hayley wrote in her lyrics seemed to relate to many different things I was going through at the time, and it just made the album that much better for me. Add to the progression in sound - weird at first for me, I was so confused the first time I listened to Hard Times - but eventually so obvious and perfect, as it was still very clearly them, you know? I love Taylor's and Justin's production work across every song, they really made the album into something great. I'm even more excited to hear the other songs Taylor has produced for Hayley's album.
    As for my three songs I'd have to say
    Favorite: Changes all the time, but lately I've found myself going back to Rose-Coloured Boy more often then before
    Recommendation: Hard Times definitely. It was the perfect lead single.
    Underrated Deep Cut: I'd have to agree and say Pool is definitely one of them, but I would also say Grudges for sure, especially since it was the first song voted out from the album in the rate and it didn't even make top 40. Yes I'm still bitter about it.
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  2. Guess who 5 pointer got some love. Love that for her!
  3. Working Girl and Press It are divine albums! excellent choices!

    Also I recently rediscovered the MAA album and it still slaps! she was lowkey ahead of her time when she released the banger that’s Ballerina Brain System, sadly she vanished after that.
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  4. So excited to see two voters for Working Girl! It was a late cut for me.

    Oh, I’m suddenly reminded of the pain of cutting certain albums from my list *shudder* ‘the horror, the horror’.
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  5. So obscure, so underrated and so freaking good. MAA is another one of those acts of mine, that hasn't released anything in years and probably never will at this point. Sigh. This is an electronica type JPop with lots of quirks, I highly recommend.

  6. Disappointed to see I’m the only voter for After Laughter, I hope Self Titled just stole more voters away from it.
  7. I feel like I say this literally every time Say Lou Lou are mentioned, but Glitter is an amazing track. This entire album is gorgeous.
  8. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    I’ve still only lost 1 album whew not everyone has that!
  9. Joanne and After Laughter were both fantastic albums, but they both clicked with me too late in the decade to really put them in my top list. I would definitely say they were in the top 5 of their prospective years, though.
  10. This song is everything!

    I'm still not over the fact a friend of mine has the original pink hat lying around at his place. (He's Gagas stylist)
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  11. aux


    I've lost none xx
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  12. I think that's definitely the case. At least that's what I'm telling myself, hoping it'll get really high.
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  13. Mainstream taste? Couldn't be me xx
  14. After Laughter! My favorite Paramore albums are in the 00s but it was a strong return from them. My favorites are Caught in the Middle and Fake Happy.
  15. Self-Titled is right there.
    But also, RIOT! and brand new eyes are amazing so you can have this. Thankfully they were released in the 00s, otherwise they would;ve made my life that much harder when it came to picking one.
    AND also TASTE in those two favorites.
  16. Yeah I know but Riot! and Brand New Eyes have always been my favorites and among my all-time favorite albums with their other albums being great but a step down from those two. To me anyway. I like the harder pop-punk sound they had earlier, and slightly less when they went poppier.
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  17. I know dddd, I remember these opinions from the Paramore rate, and I completely understand them, especially since you can still appreciate their 10s output unlike some fans (not on here I think, just in general). I just like to mess with you.
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  18. An ALBUM!! Say Lou Lou are one of the few acts I stan enough to consider running a rate for in the future. Maybe in a couple years when/if the third album materialises? Who knows!
  19. [​IMG]
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  20. Aah, Nothing But Thieves. I may have mentioned before that I found it hard to get invested in many new male acts throughout the 2010s due to the disappointing quality and laziness in general (and because no one could really compare to my beloved 00s bands), but at least there are still bands like Nothing But Thieves who are actually worth caring for and don’t subscribe to mediocrity. Their self-titled debut essentially ended up being the big pop-rock album Muse have been trying (without ever completely succeeding) to make for about a decade now. It’s pretty amazing how this almost plays like a Greatest Hits already despite only being their first album, it relentlessly obliterates any potential peers by simply getting everything right: the up-tempos, the ballads, the vocals (!!!), massive hooks and choruses for days and even killer bonus tracks, this album really has it all.
    And yet they’re still not getting the success and recognition they deserve, despite doing quite well within their niche. Personally I believe it’s mainly because the genre fell out of fashion and there’s a clear 00s vibe to their music, but they would have smashed a lot harder 10 years earlier.
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