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Ultimate Album Justice: Best of the 2010s Edition (9 POINTERS - 8 of 26 revealed)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Ironheade, Dec 31, 2019.

  1. I’ve lost four albums so far

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  2. [​IMG]

    My five-pointer is the first one not to have been eliminated so far.
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  3. [​IMG]
    My 1 pointer got quite a bit of love though.
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  4. Working Girl was one of those brutal choices I had to make as I swapped it for Make A Scene. If it had been twenty albums instead I would have included it definitely. I decided to show my love for Press It here instead of Ultimate songs because a number of my favourite Taemin songs come from this album. But I hope my 6 pointer gets some love apart from myself.
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  5. I fell out of the loop at some point, but their second album was also surprisingly great. That Muse comment is also something I instantly thought at the time, and yes, those vocals are unreal.
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  6. Hey hey! 6-Pointers will commence tomorrow!

    Definitely expect some more surprising artists among this batch. That much I can promise you.
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  7. 184. Adam Lambert – The Original High
    (1 out of 23)

    6 Points - @Eric


    Year: 2015
    Country: USA
    Label: Warner Bros.
    Genres: Dance-Pop/Electropop/House
    Writers: Adam Lambert + various
    Producers: Peter Carlsson, Oscar Holter, Ilya, Jarly, Lulou, Max Martin, Mattman & Robin, OzGo, Ali Payami, Fredrik Samsson, Shellback, Style of Eye, Svidden
    Chart positions: #3 (USA/CAN/POL), #4 (AUS/FIN/HUN), #6 (NZ), #8 (UK/CZ), #10 (NLD)
    Sales: 42,000 (USA)
    Track list
    1. Ghost Town
    2. The Original High
    3. Another Lonely Night
    4. Underground
    5. There I Said It
    6. Rumours (feat. Tove Lo)
    7. Evil in the Night
    8. Lucy (feat. Brian May)
    9. Things I Didn't Say
    10. The Light
    11. Heavy Fire
    Deluxe edition bonus tracks
    12. After Hours
    13. Shame
    14. These Boys

    Japanese bonus tracks
    15. Ghost Town (Blood Diamonds Remix)
    16. Ghost Town (SeventyEight Remix)
    17. Ghost Town (Tritonal Remix)

    Track picks and commentary

    A really solid album with the EDM influence used to good effect. Hope he revisits this style someday.

    Best for newcomer: Another Lonely Night
    Deep Cut: Shame
    Personal Favourite: Ghost Tow
  8. 184. Agnes - Veritas
    (2 out of 23)

    6 Points – @Verandi


    Year: 2012
    Country: Sweden
    Label: Roxy/Universal
    Genres: Dance-Pop/Synthpop
    Writers: Agnes, Fredrik Berger, Patrik Berger, Ana Diaz, Magnus Lidehäll, Nervo, Tony Nilsson, Vincent Pontare, Jonas Quant, Shereen Shabana, Sharon Vaughn
    Producers: Patrik Berger, Magnus Lidehäll, Tony Nilsson, Vincent Pontare, Jonas Quant
    Chart positions: #3 (SWE)
    Sales: Approx. 30,000 (Sweden)​

    Track list
    1. Amazing
    2. Walk Out of Here
    3. All I Want Is You
    4. One Last Time
    5. Loaded
    6. Human Touch
    7. Watching It Burn
    8. Got Me Good
    9. Like God
    10. Into the Sun
    11. Nothing Else Matters
    iTunes bonus track
    12. Unforgiven

    Spotify bonus track
    12. Heart Rate

    Digital deluxe edition
    12. Heart Rate
    13. Unforgiven

    Bonus track French edition
    12. Don't Go Breaking My Heart

    Track picks and commentary
    Personal favourite: Human Touch
    Song I'd recommend to a newcomer: Loaded
    Personal underrated favourite or deep cut: Like God
  9. 184. Avril Lavigne – Avril Lavigne
    (3 out of 23)

    6 Points – @WhenTheSunGoesDown


    Year: 2013
    Country: Canada
    Label: Epic
    Genres: Pop-Rock/Dance-Pop
    Writers: Avril Lavigne, Rickard Göransson, David Hodges, J Kash, Martin Johnson, Chad Kroeger, Matt Squire, Peter Svensson
    Producers: Chris Baseford, Rickard Göransson, David Hodges, Martin Johnson, Chad Kroeger, Kyle Moorman, Brandon Paddock, Matt Squire, Peter Svensson
    Chart positions: #1 (CHI), #2 (JPN/TWN), #4 (CAN), #5 (USA), #7 (AUS), #8 (NZ/SK/ITA/SWI), #9 (RUS)
    Sales: 650,000 (worldwide)
    Track list
    1. Rock n Roll
    2. Here's to Never Growing Up
    3. 17
    4. Bitchin' Summer
    5. Let Me Go (feat. Chad Kroeger)
    6. Give You What You Like
    7. Bad Girl (feat. Marilyn Manson)
    8. Hello Kitty
    9. You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet
    10. Sippin' on Sunshine
    11. Hello Heartache
    12. Falling Fast
    13. Hush Hush
    Target bonus track
    14. Rock n Roll (acoustic)

    Japan/Taiwan/China tour edition/expanded edition bonus tracks
    14. Rock n Roll (acoustic)
    15. Bad Reputation (Joan Jett cover)
    16. How You Remind Me (Nickelback cover)

    China tour edition bonus disc
    1. Let Me Go (radio edit)
    2. Let Me Go (main version)
    3. Let Me Go (instrumental)

    Track picks and commentary

    Fave: Sippin' On Sunshine
    Recommend: Give You What You Like
    Deep cut/underrated: Hush Hush

    Every single song on this album SLAPS. Melissa did that. It’s the least cohesive album in the history of music and I love every deranged aspect of it. The sincere bubblegum of Sippin On Sunshine, the absurd rap break in Bitchin’ Summer, the pop-rock jams, Avril cooing gross dirty talk at Marilyn Manson, soaring ballads, the horrifying trap nightmare of Hello Kitty… this album has everything. Play it in full at my funeral.
  10. 184. Axelle Red - Exil
    (4 out of 23)

    6 Points – @Zar-Unity


    Year: 2018
    Country: Belgium
    Label: Tracks/Play Two
    Genres: Pop/Chanson
    Writers: Axelle Red, Jarl Aanestad, Albert Hammond, Shelly Peiken, Dave Stewart, Rune Westberg
    Producers: Information not found
    Chart positions: Information not found
    Sales: Information not found
    Track list
    1. Who's Gonna Help You
    2. Excusez-Moi
    3. Quand Le Jour Se Lève
    4. Gigantesquement Belle
    5. Signe Ton Nom
    6. Un Ami
    7. Le Grand Retour
    8. Mont Des Regrets
    9. This Girl's Gonna Kill Me
    10. C'est Ainsi
    11. Les Plus Beau Reste À Venir
    Track picks and commentary

    Favorite track: Un Ami
    Favorite deep cut: Gigantesquement Belle
    Newbie track: Excusez-Moi

    Axelle's last album was one of her very best! It's
    just oozing with greatness! Rich emotions and
    colorful production pour out of this album like magic.
  11. 184. Brandon Flowers – The Desired Effect
    (5 out of 23)

    6 Points – @MollieSwift21


    Year: 2015
    Country: USA
    Label: Island
    Genres: Pop-Rock/Synthpop/Heartland Rock
    Writers: Brandon Flowers, Axwell, Darren Beckett, Taylor Goldsmith, Sebastian Ingrosso, Benji Lysaght, Rick Nowels, Conor Oberst
    Producers: Brandon Flowers, Ariel Rechtshaid, Robert Root
    Chart positions: #1 (UK), #2 (IRE), #7 (CAN)
    Sales: 100,557 (UK)​

    Track list
    1. Dreams Come True
    2. Can't Deny My Love
    3. I Can Change
    4. Still Want You
    5. Between Me and You
    6. Lonely Town
    7. Diggin' Up the Heart
    8. Never Get You Right
    9. Untangled Love
    10. The Way It's Always Been
    Deluxe and Japanese edition bonus tracks
    11. Btwn Me 'n U
    12. The Desired Effect

    Track picks and commentary

    Personal Favorite: Can’t Deny My Love
    New listener: Lonely Town
    Deep cut: Between Me and You
  12. 184. Brown Eyed Girls – Sixth Sense
    (6 out of 23)

    6 Points – @BEST FICTION


    Year: 2011
    Country: South Korea
    Label: Nega Network/LOEN Entertainment
    Genres: K-Pop
    Band members (for this album): JeA, Miryo, Narsha, Gain
    Writers: JeA, D'Day, east4a, Junjaman, KZ, Lee Min-soo, Kim Eana, Yoon Il Sang
    Producers: Jo Young-chul, Kim Eana, Lee Min-soo
    Chart positions: #2 (SK – original), #6 (SK - repackaged)
    Sales: 25,746 (South Korea)​

    Track list
    1. Swing it Shorty (intro)
    2. Sixth Sense
    3. Hot Shot
    4. La Boheme
    5. An Inconvenient Truth
    6. Lovemotion
    7. Countdown (interlude)
    8. Vendetta
    9. Cleansing Cream (repackaged edition only)
    10. Sixth Sense (instrumental)
    Track picks and commentary

    Sixth Sense personal favourite: Cleansing Cream (on the re-release)
    Sixth Sense for beginners: Sixth Sense
    Sixth Sense underrated deep cut: An Inconvenient Truth
  13. 184. Earl Sweatshirt – Some Rap Songs
    (7 out of 23)

    6 Points – @Ironheade


    Year: 2018
    Country: USA
    Label: Tan Cressida/Columbia
    Genres: Experimental Hip-Hop/Jazz Rap/Glitch-Hop
    Writers: Earl Sweatshirt, Adé Hakim, Black Noise, Giovanni Cortez, Denmark, Darryl Joseph, Navy Blue
    Producers: Earl Sweatshirt, Adé Hakim, Black Noise, Denmark, Darryl Joseph, Navy Blue, Shamel of SOTC
    Chart positions: #17 (USA), #31 (CAN), #35 (NZ), #40 (AUS)
    Sales: Information not found​

    Track list
    1. Shattered Dreams
    2. Red Water
    3. Cold Summers
    4. Nowhere2go
    5. December 24
    6. Ontheway! (feat. Standing on the Corner)
    7. The Mint (feat. Navy Blue)
    8. The Bends
    9. Loosie
    10. Azucar
    11. Eclipse
    12. Veins
    13. Playing Possum (feat. Cheryl Harris and Keorapetse Kgositsile)
    14. Peanut
    15. Riot!
    Track picks and commentary

    Personal favourite: “December 24”
    Recommended for newbies: “Riot!”
    Underrated pick: “Loosie”
  14. Veritas was another contender of mine it is an incredible album.
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  15. @BEST FICTION A king for this Brown Eyed Girls pick. Lovemotion is one of the best Kpop deep cuts ever.
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  16. Don't forget about "Hot Shot", the layers on that production, Jesus.
  17. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Glad to see The Desired Effect here, another one I had to painfully dispose of!
  18. Veritas didn’t get multiple voters? I thought for sure @DJHazey and @berserkboi would have voted for it, at least.
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  19. This is still one of my favourite albums of the last ten years - sorry for not voting @MollieSwift21!
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